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The Flag is the notion of Discovery in our History books  and on merchant ships as identity. In the past it was a condition of conquer and ownership, today, counterfeiters use it as a symbol of their location. 693 more words

Afghanistan Veterans

The Wall brings reflection to student decades after Vietnam War

In October of 2014, a group of students from Bethesda Chevy-Chase (B-CC) High School made a visit to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. During their visit, they learned about the impact of war, listened to veteran’s stories, and created poems surrounding their feelings about the memorial. 431 more words

Vietnam War

Semper Fidelis...not just some latin words

I write this in response to Salon magazine’s call for Americans to stop honoring men in uniform since America hasn’t really fought a war for freedom in seventy years. 289 more words

Defense/Military Affairs

What Veterans Day Means To Me

What does this day mean to me….

A day to mourn our young men and women who sacrificed their lives to help keep our shores safe from harm. 208 more words

Veterans Day: November 11th, 2014

  • Those following me in the past will know I always post something about veterans on Veterans Day and other veterans holidays.  I usually post the same or similar accounts year after year. 
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When Did Vietnam Veterans Become Heroes?

Vietnam veterans weren’t heroes when they came home. When you hear one say that his homecoming was disappointing, that he might have even gotten a hostile reception, he’s not exaggerating. 706 more words


Mental Health/Veterans/Suicide
by – Sheri de Grom

Every sixty-five minutes a United States Military Veteran kills themselves. We lose one-hundred-fifty-four Veterans per week. The reality of how many Veterans commit suicide is unknown. 816 more words

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