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Cu Chi Tunnels, South Vietnam

You can kill ten of my men for every one I kill of yours, but even at those odds, you will lose and I will win… 800 more words


Tips & Tricks Cu Chi Tunnels

When visiting the Cu Chi Tunnels keep in mind some tips from our own experiences. As always, feel free to jump in and add any advice to the below: 231 more words


Second thoughts on 'scum' comment

We’re all entitled to having second thoughts, aren’t we?

I put a tweet out there a few days ago in response to Sen. John McCain’s angry comment at protesters who were holding up signs while several former secretaries of state were testifying before McCain’s Senate Armed Services Committee. 183 more words

National News

Jane Fonda claims she was not against U.S. soldiers in Vietnam, vets disagree

This is from Examiner.com.

Hanoi Jane did the things she did because she despised our troops and delighted in their deaths.

If Hanoi Jane did not oppose our troops, Why did she have over the service numbers or social security numbers given to her by prisoners of war? 631 more words

Black Cat 2-1 by Bob Ford

It’s refreshing to read a memoir by a Vietnam veteran who underwent an action-heavy tour of duty and came home to live a full, successful life. 445 more words