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The battle doesn't stop for return serviceman

“I was an infantry soldier. We would go out into the jungle for 30-35 days at a time, and just do something they would call search and destroy.

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"Visions of Vietnam" - Just Before the Ambush in Tuy Hoa

Excerpt from the Forthcoming Memoir by David J. McCallum:

Visions of Vietnam: An Army Medic’s View of the War

(December 1965- December 1966)

In late June 1966, after the engagement on LZ (landing zone) Apple, Charlie Company was operating at platoon size strength, going through the jungle, breaking bush, on a search and destroy operation. 372 more words

Vietnam War

We Were Soldiers

We Were Soldiers is one of those war films that I remember watching when I was much younger, at a time when I did not know as much about the history behind the movie’s time period as I do now. 1,272 more words


US Government Sanitizes Vietnam War History | truthout

For many years after the Vietnam War, we enjoyed the “Vietnam syndrome,” in which US presidents hesitated to launch substantial military attacks on other countries. They feared intense opposition akin to the powerful movement that helped bring an end to the war in Vietnam. 172 more words

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Nixon's mythical 'secret plan' invoked as putdown in Conn. gubernatorial race

A bit of campaign history that never was — Richard Nixon’s promise in 1968 that he had a “secret plan” for ending the Vietnam War — reportedly has emerged as a snide putdown in Connecticut’s… 646 more words

Media Myths

The Thin Wall by R. Cyril West

R. Cyril West was in elementary school during the Vietnam War. His novel, The Thin Wall (Molon Labe Books, 336 pp., $12.95, paper; $2.99, Kindle), takes place at the height of the war in 1968. 444 more words


SP4 Silas Lucas Hicks - the rest of the story

I previously posted the story of  Sp4 Silas Hicks and promised to give you the rest of the story.

Here’s where we left the story…. 406 more words