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The Daoist/ Mường View of the Spirit of Mount Tản Viên

Mount Tản Viên (also known as Ba Vì Mountain) is a mountain range that rises up from the western edge of the Red River Delta. For centuries it was viewed by people in the region as possessing some form of numinous power (thiêng liêng) and the spirit of the mountain was worshipped. 1,259 more words


Traditional Northern Vietnamese Costume

Northern Vietnam Traditional Costume, 1800s Northern Vietnamese woman dressed in Áo tứ thân, with the “Quai Thao” hat characteristic of northern Vietnam (via wikipedia… 33 more words


Step Dad makes his Mark in Hue

While we in Hue City, Vietnam we popped into a local restaurant for some lunch with Nick and Lilly. On every wall there were pictures of kids playing football and various framed shirts hung in picture frames. 619 more words

Travel Diaries - Hanoi, Vietnam: First Impressions

Hello! It’s already August 1 – which means that we have four months left til a brand new year comes rolling in. It’s scary how time flies when you’re in your 20s. 724 more words

Is Our Media Responsible for Millions of Deaths?

The Huffington Post picked this one up too, so please read it on their website. They changed the title from this one, and deleted the following, amazing (but very true) quote from convicted Nazi war criminal Hermann Göring, which I think is worth adding back in here: “Of course the people don’t want war. 109 more words