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Nightmare Train from Danang to Hue

Who would have thought that a two and a half hour train ride could be a nightmare that seemed to last an eternity? Not me. Especially since we’d had such good experiences on the sleeper trains.  360 more words


Sounds of South East Asia

The sights and smells of South East Asia are certainly an intrusion of the senses itself. But how about the sounds?


98 Steps

I am becoming slightly obsessed with 98 steps. I think about them quite freqently as they are becoming this dragon on my mind. Why, you may ask? 385 more words


A Month In

I’ve come to learn a dozen things about myself in this last month since landing in Viet Nam. Some things personal, some thing superficial, others intellectual and emotional, and even a few things practical. 1,111 more words


Halong Phoenix Luxury


A newly built wooden junk, Halong Phoenix Luxury is well designed to balance traditional and luxurious styles to offer a comfortable cruise trip on the tranquil waters of Halong Bay. 510 more words


Mui Nei

The journey into Mui Nei was a typical Southeast Asian bus ride, it was overpacked and full to the brim of people, drove entirely on extremely bumpy roads and made Roxanne and I go crazy over our desperation for the loo as there were no toilet breaks the entire journey. 1,152 more words

Snapshot of Vietnam

I found this video while researching for my in-depth study and thought that it summed Vietnam up perfectly!