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Banh Beo, the middle path #Trungđạo

Some dishes bring you back to childhood. This one reminds me of these pleasurable and endless meals on Sundays …

Banh Beo trace back to the Hué imperiale cuisine (just like  385 more words


Hanoi Beef Noodle Soup

It’s official: I’m a terrible blogger. Every time I say I’m going to get into a routine and post every day, something comes up. Whether it’s work, school, a social activity, going to the gym, or studying for the GRE (Kaplan book is still in the Penn Bookstore bag…making loads of progress on that front), I always come up with an excuse. 371 more words

Vietnamese Cuisine

Food that makes you take your clothes off.

I was eating pho for lunch with my parents the other day and my dad mentions “half off!”  He was referring to the fact that I just took my shirt off while eating a bowl of pho. 318 more words

Food Culture

Sautéed Water Spinach with Garlic (Vietnamese "Rau muống xào tỏi")

Water spinach, or water morning glory, is most commonly grown in Vietnam, but it can now be found in Asian supermarkets in the U.S. Although it grows easily in water or moist soil with little care, water spinach is highly nutritious with high levels of protein, calcium, iron, potassium, vitamins A, B & C. 156 more words

Shrimp and Mango Salad


- Mango: 1

- Shrimp: 2

- Lime juice: 3 tsp

- Brown sugar: 3 tsp

- Fish sauce: 1 tsp

- Mint, cilantro, or any herbs… 43 more words

More fish sauce, please.

You may have seen Coriander, a Vietnamese restaurant on the corner of Alhambra Blvd. and S St. in East Sacramento. It’s refined, sleek, modern and upscale. 569 more words


PhoB Vietnamese Restaurant - Claypot Fried Tofu

PhoB Vietnamese Restaurant – Claypot Fried Tofu

Come visit us at 28 Duncan St Fortitude Valley QLD 4006. Call us at 07 3852 2889 for home delivery and reservation. 17 more words

Phob Restaurant In Brisbane