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Vietnamese foods (Kamata)

Since we heard that a Vietnamese foods restaurant in Kamata was scheduled to be shown on popular TV series among foodies, we went to there before the TV series being shown ! 392 more words


Pho Mi Once

Not all of our eating adventures end well. And it really isn’t that this one ended badly, just with disappointment. I had been to Pho Mi in Miamisburg once before, with friends, and what I ordered then, blindly, had been blah. 702 more words


Easy Vietnamese fish recipes

Who loves Vietnamese cuisine? I sure do! Vietnamese cuisine is famous for the harmony in their flavour and seasoning. For these two recipes, you will need the following ingredients: 330 more words


Crack, sizzle, pop - a unique way to cook your rice

It’s amazing how convenient it is to find anything and everything you want in one central place – the internet! Last night’s dinner was something special, even for my extended family who are locals here in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. 207 more words

Good Food

Meet Dung Nguyen, Owner of Phú Khang’s Vietnamese Cuisine in Merchantville, NJ

Dung Nguyen, new restaurant owner and resident of South Jersey, kindly sat with me at one of his dining room tables for a brief Q&A. After the interview, I tasted a few of Dung’s delicious dishes and left with very pleased taste-buds.  361 more words

Noodles Wet or Dry

When you’ve had your fill of pho and start hankering for something different, ‘dry’ noodles can really hit the spot.  161 more words

Viet Nam

Vietnamese Restaurant in North Texas Displayed Giant Red Star in Logo, Promptly Changes After Public Criticism

A Vietnamese restaurant in Dallas, Texas, has promptly changed its logo design in accordance with the wishes of the Vietnamese community in the area. The Banh Shop, a trendy new eatery on SMU Boulevard, found itself in hot water last week as a result of its questionable restaurant design, which featured a giant red star as part of its logo, behind the name “Banh Shop.” YUM! 563 more words

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