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Marilyn Monroe too fat by todays standards

It’s hard to believe but Marilyn Monroe, a woman who was the embodiment of beauty at a curvy size 16, the most desirable of women, an actress, a model and a sex symbol of her time would today be considered “too fat” to do any of that. 435 more words

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Some dogs are plus size too!

This is a little off topic but I just couldn’t resist sharing these pictures with you.

If you thought being plus size was a human thing, you’re mistaken. 10 more words

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Great Plus Size Online Store!

Plus Sized Clothing. The name might be lacking in the creativity department but it does serve its purpose. I must admit though, when I read the name I was immediately reminded of those plus size stores hidden in far off corners of shopping centres, usually near the public rest rooms or some other non-related store or facility, making sure to keep the areas with pretty, trendy and fashionable outlets free of the ugly fashion disasters inside of these plus size stores otherwise known as old lady church clothes. 341 more words

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Plus Size Sales!

I was browsing plus size stores to see if there was anything I wanted to add to my wardrobe and thought, why don’t I share things that I find, that I like and that are on sale atm? 739 more words

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Family, friends, GPs and society may actually be making some of us "obese"

It is very simple-minded to equate obesity with eating too much and/or being lazy. In fact in more progressive public health and epidemiological circles it is widely acknowledge that the psycho-social determinants of health play a much larger role in ill-health and chronic-disease risk-factors than individual behaviour. 470 more words

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Fresh Breasts & Fresh Balls

I was just wondering what you guys do to reduce SBS (sweaty boob syndrome)? I find it’s not such a problem outside of summer, but during summer it can be really annoying and uncomfortable. 74 more words

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