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Acase Slim Leather Case Folio with multi view Stand

There are a few considerations that you need to make before spending your cash on a new leather dress.

Leather dresses are certainly making a comeback and many girls of all ages are flocking to the high-street to buy those body-hugging, black-as-night outfits once again! 290 more words


Knowledge and Purpose

Knowledge is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as being the “clear and certain perception of fact or truth”. For example: I know there is a sun because I can see her in the sky during day-time; I know there is a moon because I can see him during night-time; I know there is wind because (me being in England) I often feel it; I know there are clouds because I can see them in the sky; I know there is rain because (yet again, because I live in England) it so often falls from the clouds; I know there is trees, bushes, flowers, hills and mountains because I have seen them, too. 1,316 more words


A Malaysian view

  How do people in Malaysia perceive their country? And how Malaysians look at the people around them? While you walk through the city centre of KL around the famous Twin Towers, mingling with people of various ethnicities, mostly Malay, Chinese and Indian, what do you think about them and do they envision the same future of the country as you do? 630 more words