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Generally there are considered to be four perspectives in writing based on how the narrator is telling the story, first-person, in which the narrator tells what they saw and thought, second-person, in which the narrator tell you what you saw and thought, third-person, in which the narrator describes the scene as if they were an invisible observer watching the proceedings, and third-person omniscient, in which the narrator describes the proceedings with the ability to elucidate to us, the reader, what others in the scene are thinking, and feeling. 1,881 more words

Opinion Piece

Firestorm + Windlight fun

New plot, new energy.  I love Firestorm viewer, it has so many great features, like quick prefs and lots of windlights.


Devices Consumers Multitask With

Multitasking isn’t just a buzzword – it’s the way most of us live our lives. Whether we are at work or at home, the majority of people are doing at least two things at once. 274 more words


Pino, Blue Beach

This afternoon I have spent on Pino, Blue Beach, exploring and hanging around. There is a lot to do and see, so a perfect location when you are in the mood for some wandering about, dancing, relaxing in the hot tub or just sitting on the beach watching the waves roll in and out! 63 more words


Celebrity Hangout, Easter style

So. I am having a bit of ‘the Meh’ this week. Since Sunday my machine decided to hate Firestorm, something I have had with a previous release last year as well: I cannot take high resolution pics when in high or ultra graphics. 198 more words


Viewer: Text Profile Option

Viewer: Text

The Viewer: Text profile option allows you to send report output directly to a browser window rather than using the default Report Viewer. Enter “Browser” in this profile option to enable this feature. 48 more words


Luna Optics 5X Digital Night Viewer

The Brand-New 2013 version of our Digital Viewer is the latest in digital night vision technology offering first in the industry automatic transition between Full-Color during daytime and super light sensitive Black & White image at nighttime! 117 more words