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Viewer's Choice Poll

When considering what I should post this week, it occurred to me that I’ve offered quite a variety of topics. And, like clockwork sometimes, I’ve seemed to gain followers from every type. 132 more words


Canadian quilt wins viewers' choice

A few days ago I wrote about the quilt “Serenity” in my post ” Awesomely Crazy Canuck Quilt”. Turns out I was right about it being a crowd pleaser: it won Viewers’ Choice. Congratulations Dominique Ehrmann!

Video Ideas

Which kind of video would you rather see this Saturday?
• “What _________ Taught Me” – basically a rant on what something taught me
• “Melanie+Eddie’s Guide To Romance: Episode 1″ – somewhat sarcastic steps to succeed romantically… 19 more words


I thank you for supporting my addictive habit. ♡

The votes are in!!

Every time the Bloggers’ Quilt Festival rolls around, I say I am not entering, then somehow I get sucked in to the fun and excitement of it all. 257 more words