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Do You Have a Pet? : Pet Vocabulary and Integrated Skills Activity for Young Learners

I. Watch and sing along with the video “Do You Have a Pet?”.

(Source: viet Truyen co tich Channel on YouTube)

II. Choose the correct answers below. 64 more words


Revealed 3 Pack 4W Led Filament Bulb Replace 50W

The rapid loss of tungsten through vaporization and deposition onto the inner glass surface is, however, delayed by halogen lamps. incandescent bulbs use inert gas which does not chemically combine with tungsten atoms, thus, deposition of the metallic element onto the glass is not halted. 273 more words

8W Led Filament Bulb Replace 90W Incandescent Soft White

Broadway. Products are here and more are coming all the time that haveadvantages over old lighting technology, he says. And, because oflonger bulb life and LEDs’ significantly greater efficiency – muchmore light per watt than… 310 more words

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The light bulb aisle at home improvement stores is an overwhelmingdisplay of options – CFLs, LEDs, incandescents, lumens and watts,warm light and cool light. That’s not even getting into pricevariation. 308 more words

Viewing Held For Fallen Philadelphia Firefighter Joyce Craig

By Dan Wing

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Thousands waited in the cold for hours Friday night, just to get a chance to pay a final tribute to… 231 more words


Review: #Cube by HastagCube - Coupon code for $15 off - Gift Idea - Photos & Videos (Instagram)


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The Netflix Spark: Why the arrival of the SVOD platform heralds a more even distribution of the future for everyone

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings

so yesterday as I was meandering along the freeway in Melbourne I heard the most startling comment on the radio. a contributor to the city’s 3AW station was talking through the highlights of the evenings TV schedule – and suggested that because TV was ‘out of ratings season’ there wouldn’t be much to watch that evening … she gave a special shout-out to Nine who “bless them, were treating us to a new episode of Person of Interest”. 653 more words