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Elements of Critique: Point of View

What I wouldn’t give to be able to jump into her head and know what she’s thinking…

Married couples can relate easily to that thought, I’m sure. 1,141 more words


Viewpoint: What makes for a great commencement speech?

Commencement addresses are different animals to different people. Are they a chance to be inspired as you head into the new-yet-scary world beyond college? Are they an extra 30 minutes you’re thinking about how hot it is and how much you need to use the bathroom? 752 more words


Apple Is Planning To Integrate Shazam Into iPhone

ミュージック・ライフスタイル・リヴォリューションの真只中、AppleのiTunes Radioが早くもそれなりの全面的変革を迫られる事になりそうだとか。ただしそんなに聴く人が少ないのかって事じゃないらしく。Edison Research社 (Statista社がグラフ化) のオーディオ・ストリーミング系サイトの市場人気調査でもとりあえず、No.1 “Pandra”(31%)、No.2 “iHeartRadio”(9%)、No.3 “iTunes Radio”(8%)と、トップ3をマークしていますし。Spotify、Google Play All Access(コチラのほうがよほど大失敗)、Rhapsodyなんかよりもうまくいっているわけで。2013.9.18以降約半年間でのものですから、大健闘とすらいえそう。じゃあ何がわるいのかっていうと、それが1%くらいしかダウンロードにつながっていないという衝撃的事実(^.^; まァ、後で買う人もいるから、すぐにそう決めつけるのもどうかと想いますけれど、だからといって大成功しているとの証も無く。Appleの音楽中心市場戦略も曲り角を迎えているのかも。

けれど、戦略の中心に音楽をすえているのはまだ変わりないようで。Appleが次のiOS8 (2014.6.2、サンフランシスコで行われる年次総会上で基軸の詳細が発表となるもよう) で曲検索アプリShazamをベースに組みいれるという話が……。Bloombergが報じています。



Russia's Game in Ukraine

Earlier this month, as residents of Kiev celebrated the opening of an annual festival of French culture and, days later, the start of one of the country’s largest book fairs, their compatriots in the eastern Ukrainian city of Lugansk were on edge. 642 more words

Belgium's Lechery Backfire

As I walked down the street one recent morning, a man exiting a convenience store directed a low noise somewhere between a hiss and a whistle in my direction. 697 more words

Ah, Spring

Even better: blossoms and bikes.

These, I believe, are plum blossoms.  But what is the name for that moment when they are just about to burst into full flower?  7 more words


Project Assumptions or Risks: is your glass half full, or half empty?

I have been working with a voluntary sector client who is required to use the Logical Framework (Logframe) structure to submit proposals to potential donors and then use that tool to report progress.  450 more words