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How Are You Telling Your Story?...Part 1: Viewpoint

The story’s viewpoint can be told from several perspectives and which one you choose can be critical to how your story comes across.

Different stories lend themselves to different narrative styles and point of views (POVs). 740 more words

Nina Munteanu



“PHOTOGRAPHY DEALS EXCLUSIVELY WITH APPEARANCES” remarked Duane Michals years ago, “but, nothing is what it appears to be.”  That’s a remarkably clear summation of the terms under which, with greater regularity, I approach things with my camera. 446 more words


Self Worth

So i was looking through the notes on my phone today and came across the following which i had written over a year ago now (22/09/2013). 594 more words

Jonny's Proverbs #22

If there is still a point of uncertainty, there remains a debate.


Jonny's Proverbs #21

Methodology is secondary to results, though the ends don’t always justify the means.


Six Word Story

Trying my best: Coming up short