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Rotherham Grooming Case- Who is responsible?

By Majed Iqbal- The news of cases of grooming young and underage girls for sex by Asians in Rotherham has re-invigorated the same debate surrounding the role of race in sexual crimes. 729 more words


"African Literature Is Boring" by David Iruoje

Reading is a tonic. Its one of the best things anyone can engage in. It strengthens the mind, educates, informs and can always give you an excellent command of the spoken English assuming you are not one of those readers who has a steel wall built around their minds. 556 more words

Adichie Chimamanda Ngozi


No one sees him as he curls in on himself, lost in tatty ruin, too small for any of the towering suits or skirts to see him there, alone. 351 more words

Viewpoint: What you gain from moving across the world for college

The decision to move away from home, family and everything you know instinctively to be safe and familiar is terrifying. Choosing a college far from your home might be the biggest risk you have ever taken. 579 more words


Love in the gallery

I hate art galleries. They remind me of sex shops. You go in and all these various dildos are hanging from the wall. Its embarrassing. They should be hanging  in cafes, and living rooms, and salons. 11 more words


China's Silent War on Terror

On a clear, sunny morning last October, an SUV carrying three people turned right on to Beijing’s Chang’an Avenue, plowed through crowds gathered near the entrance to the Forbidden City and burst into flames at the northern edge of Tiananmen Square. 827 more words