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I am completely calm

We got an email from Cinghiale with trip info, release and medical forms to sign, etc. And we leave in a little over a month. I am completely calm. 223 more words

Good Decor For Elegance Living Area Interior Decor Surrounded By Views by Decoration Themes

Very good Decor For Elegance Living Room Interior Decor Surrounded By Views – by means of
Definitely you favored incredible living space decoration, this image is the ideal of aesthetic exclusive living room ideas. 27 more words

Tack sharp photos ... how the hell do you do that?

In my circle of Photographer friends, we talk about each others work. We help each other define our styles, as it’s first and foremost one of the most challenging, yet incredibly important, aspects of becoming a successful photographer in an era when photography can be a very difficult profession to make a living in. 461 more words

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Forgotten Famous.

Sadly the difference between celebrity and someone famous isn’t really there.  Some people who other considered famous like popular bands and actors are not. They are celebrities. 354 more words

How To Solve A Problem Like Ed - Tim Hammersley (LABOUR3) On Mr Miliband


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Hardly a week goes by where we aren’t told of Labour plots to overthrow Ed Miliband, a poll is published showing how unpopular he is, or another unflattering photograph is taken of him.   633 more words

David Cameron

where i go when i daydream (at work)

Hey fam,

I thought you might like to see a little slice of my work space on the days I’m at the office. Ok, well it’s not my… 130 more words


Hello again!

Hello again! I’m sorry it has been along time. Life just got very busy. We heard the call of the sea and just went with it. 98 more words