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The Well [2014]

Being someone with my shallow priorities, to say the best part of a film is the lead character’s hair is in no way a condemnation. Like a good disembowelment sequence, such a thing can save a movie from boredom. 228 more words


A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night [2014]

The summary I saw described this as being like an Iranian Jim Jarmusch vampire film. There’s no way I can improve on that, except to say that now he’s done ‘Only Lovers Left Alive’, we don’t even have to specify ‘vampire’. 26 more words


Fish & Cat [2013]

Even if they fail in other areas, films which go for lengthy one-shot takes impress me just for their technical achievement. The ‘car’ and ‘uprising’ sequences in ‘Children of Men’ are so well put together they’re enough to make me cry through appreciation of blocking alone. 280 more words


CRIME FEST Nov. 21-27

Shining a searchlight on our darkest desires, Crime Fest brings you the best in thrillers, mysteries, neo-noir and prison drama from far and wide.

Our inaugural selection includes award-winning movies from the USA, the UK, Korea, the Philippines, France, Italy, Norway and Australia. 307 more words


A VIFF 2014 Wrap-Up: A Record Year

DISCLAIMER: Okay, I know this is a month late but I’ve had some computer problems plus I was waiting for some certain facts that still have not yet come. 1,796 more words

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Sorrow and Joy [2013]

Along with ‘Our Children’, this is the second based-on-true-events film I’ve seen this year about a mother who kills her children, so it seems appropriate to compare the two. 492 more words


Housebound [2014]

It’s sort of like a comedy ‘Rear Window’. But more like a comedy ‘Disturbia’, which was that ‘reimagining’ of ‘Rear Window’. Although this has more of a point to it i.e. 277 more words