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Fuck the Police and Civilians

I am ashamed to say that I have a Twitter account. I am ashamed to say that I can’t part ways with Facebook. I don’t know why. 529 more words


The US is a volatile place. From Black Friday to pumpkin festivals to sporting events, angry and/or sexually frustrated Americans with access to guns just tend to go off the rails every now and then. 318 more words


The Vigilante of Faith: Kierkegaard and the Equalizer

Fuqua’s film version of the Equalizer is only a more recent and perhaps more outstanding sample of a wide array of films or books that essentially share a plot about an apparently normal person who, when trouble arises, reveals… 941 more words

Film Review

Facebook "Vigilantism"

Since the Ferguson verdict people have taken to social media to voice their outrage, thinking it makes some sort of difference. People enjoy fighting for causes because they think it makes them look important. 322 more words

Binge Profile: Arrow

CW; the same network that brought you Gossip Girl has recently introduced one of the most popular DC comic book heroes to television hoping to cash in on this superhero trend in television (They have also shot a season of a new show based on the character… 402 more words


“We’re not racists but…” How a Handful of Cyber-Thugs Instigated a Pogrom in the City of Waterford

No wonder the average Dubliner leaves the pale with great trepidation when the rustics in the Irish hinterlands periodically delve headlong into the political activism of the 30s – the 1830s. 388 more words