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Binge Profile: Arrow

CW; the same network that brought you Gossip Girl has recently introduced one of the most popular DC comic book heroes to television hoping to cash in on this superhero trend in television (They have also shot a season of a new show based on the character… 402 more words


“We’re not racists but…” How a Handful of Cyber-Thugs Instigated a Pogrom in the City of Waterford

No wonder the average Dubliner leaves the pale with great trepidation when the rustics in the Irish hinterlands periodically delve headlong into the political activism of the 30s – the 1830s. 388 more words


Run away

Although I’m thoroughly engaged at the moment with teaching my contract and personal injury modules, I’ve been keeping an eye out for new and potentially useful material for my criminal litigation sessions in the New Year. 3,042 more words


The Next Three Days (2010)

(spoilers ahead)

The Next Three Days is an odd movie with an intriguing concept that wastes a lot of its potential on the way. The story of John Brennan (Russell Crowe) who wants to break out his wife (Elizabeth Banks) from prison raises questions of plausibility, but they can be disregarded because you can’t argue too much with realism in a Hollywood movie. 51 more words


Gotham 1.03: Dawn of the vigilante

The flip side of the “corrupted city” of course, is that eventually, folks realize that everyone around them is dirty and someone takes it into their own hands (usually sloppily) to clean things up. 287 more words


Who's heard of Stinson Hunter??

For those of you who haven’t seen it, Channel 4 has recently launched a series under the title #ThePedophileHunter. Essentially, it follows Stinson Hunter et al in their ‘vigilante’ acts, whereby they pretend to be children on websites, and await contact from a potential groomer. 428 more words