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{02: Narrative Vignette} Another Monday




He carelessly slaps his phone.

Five more minutes.

Just five more minutes.

Every morning: too many people.

All bleary-eyed, pretending it’s not uncomfortable to feel alone in such a crowded space. 700 more words

[Freelance] Mistake

  • Title : Mistake
  • Author : Jung Hyemi
  • Main Cast :
    • Park Chanyeol (Chanyeol EXO)
    • Jung Soojin (OOC)
    • Choi Sulli (f(x)
  • Aditional Cast :Son Hyemi ,Kim Jonghyun…
  • 1,376 more words
Park Chanyeol

Flashes of Fiction: Ashes

A spark, it started

A flickering spick of light that blossomed into a full-tilt passion.

A rage

A wrath

A fury

And she loved it. 75 more words

Tirzah Duncan

[KyuJin Series] ACT 2


{Guess what? today, i spend too much time wondering why i’m not good enough for anybody~}

Vignette 1,583 more words

Cho Kyuhyun


A vignette.

It’s all quiet when I wake up after the procedure. The room is blush pink, like my hospital gown, like my skin. Light filtering in from the window makes the whole room shimmer gently. 531 more words


Silent Love

Silent love

How are you readers, allow me to pour my imagination here.

Starring; Lee Hi with Joo Won. Sub cast; Original Character Cho Hyeonjae, Moon Woojin . 3,086 more words


The Sunday Papers: Five Quick Vignettes Before the End of the World by Brian Michael Barbeito


It’s the old sound and feel of public transit. I find there are floods of memories. Knowledge of when it will get busy and when it will know some spaciousness. 4,074 more words