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Beey Present.


Kim Hanbin x YOU




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Fluff, Romance tersirat, Comedy gagal || Teenager || Vignette (+700w)


“Chanwoo-ya, kenapa kau sekolah?” 764 more words


Photo 101 Rehab: Light at the End of a Tunnel



It would appear that there is indeed light at the end of a tunnel. This is my contribution to lovely Lucile’s Photo 101 Rehab, which you can join… 32 more words


Voices in the trees, the missing pages
of the sea.

Everything but sleep.

And night is a river bridging
the speaking and listening banks,

a fortress, undefended and inviolate.

31 more words

2014 #299

bartender set Glossary’s
subsequent rye Glossary
had already ordered on the countertop
and turned a face of inquiry
to the adjective or it was less… 49 more words


Laced Fingers

A 100-word story.


Laced fingers.

The silence and the fear, the silence and the fear.

Darkness flashing past the whizzing window.

All will be well, for all must be well, and if it all isn’t—well? 67 more words

Tirzah Duncan


Double Trouble




Picturesque Bricks

Private Seats

Spring Woods

Magnolia Petals


Red Pants

Soft supple curving like gravity, defying time like gravity, her body moved across dimensions, red pants containing a buoyant backside that could disappear in the Ralph Lauren section only to reappear in Calvin Klein; red pants all the while curving time, dark hair sailing. 11 more words

Short Pieces