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Paper or Plastic

The portly cashier with the high pitched voice and the wispy mustache politely asked Callie if she’d prefer paper or plastic for her Sunday groceries. Callie thought for a moment as she weighed the advantages and disadvantages of both bagging materials and, whereupon determining that it was likely the more environmentally friendly of the two choices, kindly asked for paper. 134 more words


The Menagerie -- Night City (pt 5) (2010)

Ed Shafer truly appreciated air conditioning on New Orleans’s hot and humid nights. His people were of good northern European stock, they hadn’t evolved properly for sun and heat. 1,301 more words

Short Stories

[Freelance/Vignette] Should I Give Up?

Tittle : #Something about Give up:  Should I Give Up? | Scriptwriter  : Fanficfunny | Main Cast : Myungsoo Infinite and Suzy Miss A | … 1,410 more words

Bae Suzy "Miss A"

Flexible Edits

For this image I used a non-destructive layer because I wanted to create a vignette around the image, especially around the cowboy on his beautiful horse. 396 more words


Geen gezicht

Ik weet nog die eerste keer
dat je weer verscheen, terwijl
ik je niet had verwacht terug te zien;

je was nogal slonzig gekleed,
in je bontjasje… 17 more words



Muddy Waters

In the Woods

Iron Stream

Enchanted Path

Red Lake


Song of the Reed

Treacherous Terrain


Why Girls Like Bad Boys

It’s not that nice guys finish last…it’s that guys who think on their feet finish first.