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saturday vignette: an evocative golden glow

Maybe it’s just that it was late evening. Or the holiday season. Or maybe I was just tired. But when I strode into the new terminal at Reagan National, it surprised me how much I liked it. 154 more words


Christmas Treats

In the 16 years that I’ve been writing X-Files fanfic, I’ve always written at least one Christmas fic every holiday season, and now that I’m officially on vacation for the next two weeks, I figured I’d better get to it for this year.:) This little moment in time just came to me this afternoon as I was sitting on the couch next to the Christmas tree with a nice warm blanket on my lap and my nice warm dog lying at my feet. 49 more words


boots on [a 69-word erotic flash]

There are piles of clothes strewn haphazardly across the floor, and I don’t remember how they got there. I’ve a vague recollection of fumbling at your belt and breathlessly complaining that your pants were still on, and then suddenly my own dress was somehow off and your skin was finally on mine – 17 more words


bruises. rugburn. bitten. [a 69-word erotic flash]

There are bruises around my wrists and rugburn on my knees. My lips are bitten (from both my own teeth and yours); my nipples are red and raw and seem to grow hard all over again every time I see you grin. 30 more words


Hello, Darkness

Almost alive
Not quite festering
You see the moon
Same as the sun.

Seduced by nothing
You cry in wonder:
Is breathing
Than not? 219 more words


slam [a 69-word erotic flash]

There are two dull slaps as you grab me by the wrists and slam my hands against the wall, above my head.

Your knee is between my legs but your voice growls low in my ear, forbidding me to move. 31 more words


Shelf Life

Some of the happy things that live on my kitchen shelves:

What odds and ends do you collect? 35 more words