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Next Stop

Sometimes old memories rediscovered us. This one had found me in a dream and here I was, holding a plane ticket, pulling my carry-on through the terminal, imagining the beer that awaited me in the first bar I passed. 543 more words


Walking Wounded

The prompt this time  was a music prompt. I played the song, “Imagination,” sung by Jimmy Scott. Scott’s androgynous voice is haunting and achingly beautiful, and listening to it produced some very powerful and strange writing. 552 more words

Writing Prompts +

"I Was Just Another Black Face in the Streets"

Vignette inspired by: After Traffic Stop, Teen Was “Almost Another Dead Black Male, NPR, August 15, 2014

“I’m afraid.” He lifts his head and looks into the other man’s eyes, studies the nose, eyes, and chin that they share. 841 more words

Alex Landau

Grammar: Say me, not myself! Unless you should say myself, of course.

He can’t give the shirt to myself; he can only give it to me.

I can’t give the shirt to himself, only to him. He, of course, can give the shirt to himself, although he is more likely to put it on. 109 more words


"Oh, the things they tell you!" - Superstitions and unusual beliefs

I was on the phone with my mother-in-law yesterday and I told her that I would be bringing the twins to the pedia later to have their cold and cough checked. 922 more words

This Motherhood Thing

Geen geld, geen Zwitsers, geen feest

Geen enkele keer
dat we in Antwerpen kwamen
dat niet iemand tijdens
de rookpauze voor het station mij vroeg
om een shaggie van me te draaien, 122 more words