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Swinging Diamonds

Swinging diamonds dancing big as the ritz. Califprnia novembers. November elections. Reflex reflections and pro lambada leaflets. Failute felt like invisibility in existance. Inexistance unexistant stemming rose buds at end now roses now megan graces now hillary graces madonna madonna now paris graces. 450 more words

Short Pieces

Vignette 22Oct2014

Autumn’s first storm has hit Seattle, and my commute is packed with sounds not heard since spring.

Sheets of rain hiss through parchment leaves.
Fat drops splat as they crater sidewalk puddles. 154 more words


If You Create, Own It!

This is purely for the fun of sharing what I do in radio. I’m not only the morning host at KXLP & and the commercial production mgr for Radio Mankato (the parent company of the station I work at). 234 more words


“I don’t know what to do with you,” she said.

It took him a moment to answer but when he did, she could feel the weight of the words he offered next, as if he was asking permission to dock his heart next to hers at the same time fearing being thrown back out to the sea, rudderless, rejected and alone. 94 more words


Bloom Day - October 2014

Surprisingly, I do have a few flowers in my garden this month. I’ve been so busy, I haven’t spent much time out there, so it was nice to see that they do their thing without any interference from me. 562 more words

Bloom Day

500 words #2 - Wizards

Wizards don’t age, not like we do. Some live forever, if life is what you’d call it. Others fade, expire or explode. They’re powerful things, the forces they play with, and none of them really have that much control. 140 more words


saturday vignette: Union Station

I find inspiration in the preservation of old things. Here, a glimpse of Denver’s iconic Union Station sign and clock.