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Pick a Color

Liz offered to read my colors. She thinks I’m stuck and says the reading will show me what I need to address in my life. That was her word, address. 1,861 more words


Pop Quizzes

I had no reason to be worried about the not-so pop quiz scheduled for my 1 o’clock class, I still had this nagging worrying feeling. I read over the material again at 9:30, a half hour before my first class of the day and well over 4 hours until the pop quiz itself. 789 more words


Amnesic Anecdotes Scented in Caffeine


tongue scalded
by an absent-minded sip
I bit back both cry and curse,
and gulped down brew
both unsweetened and angry,
aroma rising with… 251 more words



My mom and my neurologist are discussing my headaches and I’m left mostly out of the conversation. Still being underaged, I’m old enough to be annoyed that he discusses my treatment with my mother and annoyed that he dumbs down a lot of what he says to me. 113 more words


Meet Handsome Brut: Sparkling wine’s newest man-about-town

Move over craft beer, there’s a new man-about-town beverage in store this summer. Handsome Brut, a deliciously dry Ontario sparkling wine, is on a mission to prove that bubbles are the perfect summer-time tipple—and not just for special occasions. 400 more words

Ontario Sparkling Wine

Separate Directions

Writing never lacks surprises, or perhaps the mind is always full of them, since what appears on these pages must first pass through my imagination. And the words that have made it onto the following pages involve two narrators: Matt, a client or analysand, and Leo, his therapist or analyst, partners in psychoanalytic psychotherapy. 567 more words



“If I were you,” my mom begins, “I would have tried everything, try anything.”

What is that suppose to mean? Four family doctors, a dentist, an orthodontist, a chiropractor, a dietitian, three neurologists, an endocrinologist, a gynecologist, and a psychiatrist isn’t enough. 223 more words