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Mongodb throwing syntax error

I am trying to enter some values in a mongo database using node.js but I am getting an error.

The first line of my .js file is: 74 more words

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Mustache not rendering objects on nodejs server

I have created a simple server (localhost:8080) to print the name of albums in a folder using Mustache, but it is not working.

The way my setup functions is… 350 more words

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European golf painting the map blue

Back in 2004, European golfers were circling lost waters: victory at the PGA Championship put Fijian Vijay Singh to within touching distance of dethroning American global superstar Tiger Woods as world number one, with Europe left finishing the year with only four advocates inside the world top 20. 552 more words


Javascript alert box not working

The following program is supposed to pop-up an alert box on clicking on “First” when it runs in the browser

<!doctype html>

<html lang="en">

       <meta charset="utf-8"/>

       <script src="attach.js"> </script>  

     <div id="wrap">
              <p id="1a"> First </p>
              <p id="2b"> Second </p>
              <p id="3c"> Third </p>
              <p id="4d"> Fourth </p>

… 83 more words
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The Shutters: Golf's Whiny Bitch Of The Year

Won’t Stop, Can’t Stop

Back to the show, again…..finally. This week’s SFG award post is for the Whiny Bitch of the Year for 2014. If you’re nominated for the award, you’ve likely done or said something stupid and deserve the nod. 1,272 more words

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