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Mead 101

Of all the fermented drinks created throughout the world, mead is one of the least known and understood in popular culture.  Although the word mead has proliferated the English language — and entered into mainstream popular culture recently — the drink itself is not commonly found on store shelves for the masses to consume.  559 more words


Wic wic is wich? The Anglo-Saxon trading settlement

The most prominent type of settlement associated with trading activities in the Anglo-saxon period was the Wic, an Anglo-Saxon loan word from the Latin Vicus… 259 more words


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Examining the Mästermyr chest

One of the most impressive Viking Age finds to date is the Mästermyr tool chest, an oak sea chest containing woodworking tools, blacksmithing tools, some unused stock and some finished products. 243 more words


As part of my plans of outlining aspects of early medieval life I was going to write a post on Trade. In The Northumbrian Saga… 303 more words


Human Sacrifice in the Viking Age

It is a chilling thought to envision the sacrifice of another human being.  Yet, the recent popular television series Vikings by the History Channel elected to include this seldom acknowledged part of Viking culture.  504 more words


Trondheim hnefatafl board fragment

One of the best-preserved extant boards related to hnefatafl and related variants is this one, unearthed during the 1989 excavation of the Trondheim Public Library site in Trondheim, Norway. 899 more words