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Viking Ship Discovery on Mississippi: Another Reminder Christopher Columbus Didn't Discover a Damn Thing

A group of volunteers cleaning up the shores of the Mississippi river near the biggest city in Tennessee, have stumbled upon the remains of an ancient boat encrusted in mud. 279 more words


#Öland excavations: Gold coin may be key to solve #Sweden's '#Pompeii'

Photo: Museiarkeologi sydost
Swedish archaeologists found a rare and valuable golden coin from ancient Rome on Monday. And they think it may explain a key part of the Sweden’s history. 468 more words


Back to where it all began

I first visited L’Anse Aux Meadows National Historic Site in Newfoundland in 2007, when I had gone there to scout the location for another project. My first thought was “there’s not much to see here!” but still, I was captivated with the place. 368 more words


Transmissions from the Hill of Odin

Many places I have been on this island feel forlorn, secret or forgotten. This is not the case with the incongruously named Roseberry Topping, a hill on the Eastern edge of North Yorkshire.   405 more words


Support the production of a new Viking movie!

Imagine you’re an ordinary 13 year old boy minding your own business, when Thor (the God of Thunder – not the Marvel character) suddenly appears in a stroke of lightning and takes you to Valhalla. 424 more words

Viking Age

Oh look, a Nordic History Lesson!

Back in the 1100’s-1500’s(and earlier if you want to be technical), before the Kalmar Union – Sweden and Denmark both thought Norway was a very sexy lady.(She was also intelligent, rich, powerful, etc… But because they are boys and vikings, it’s not like they cares about that… 182 more words

Factual Facts

An Author's Journey: Worlds of Medieval Literature (2) Chansons de Geste, Pt 2

An Author’s Journey: Worlds of Medieval Literature (2) Chansons de Geste, Pt 2

Good Morning, Everyone!

Still on vacation in the Pacific Northwest, & sitting at the beach with Sophia & watching kids splashing in the icy cold waters of the northern part of the Puget Sound.   934 more words

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