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Are You Ready For Some Skiing? Harry Eldridge Ski Fest Launches Superbowl Week!

Are you ready?!?!?!?!?!

After a strong showing at the Queensbury invitational on the 17th and the HURTathon on the 18th, the Peru Nordic Masters turned out in force for the annual NYSEF Harry Eldridge Ski Races on January 24-25 and dominated the NYSSRA Masters scene.   264 more words

Races And Results

General January Angst reporting for duty

Happy National Hug Day! *** gives you a great big platonic internet hug*** To celebrate here’s a kid hugging a chicken.

Hey, regular readers (all three of you), how’s it going? 379 more words


Deathskinada Loppet! Positively Negative!

Peru Nordic Masters tradition dictates that the annual DEATHSKINADA LOPPET be held on what should be the coldest WAR ENSEMBLE evening of the season.   This race is a celebration of bitter cold wind-brief-less experiences at Gatineau/Keskinada Loppets past…  Luckily, today was the day! 163 more words

Races And Results

Findlay Wins as Epic Tour de Ski Shreds Skitanic Beerserkers During Rain and Blood-Soaked Finale!

What a Tour!

At least 26 Nordiques took part in at least one stage of the 2015 Peru Nordic Tour de Ski™.  Over 1000 hours and 300 km of on-snow and dryland training training and races in snow, ice, brutal cold, and pouring rain were completed over the 8-day extravaganza. 822 more words

Races And Results

Tour de Ski Chalice On the Line... Cutthroat Biathlon Finale Tomorrow... Blood will be Spilled!

It’s a simple concept, Ski… Destroy… then drink your opponents’ blood from the Chalice!

The annual Peru Nordic Tour De Ski is set to come to it’s rightful conclusion tomorrow, Jan 4th, with the 8th and final stage.   283 more words

Races And Results

THE KILLING KIND... Gauntlet Relay Thrashes Tour de Ski Field.

The power trio team of Peru Nordic Cold Hard Fact ( Jon Santor, Joe Korzenecki and Jim Kobak)won the 111th annual Gauntlet Relay Race at New JetLife Gauntlet Stadium.   572 more words

Races And Results

NEW YEAR'S EVIL... HORRORSCOPE Shakes Up TdS at Halfway Mark.

What a Race!

The WAR ENSEMBLE NEW YEAR’S ROCKIN’ EVE BALL DROP HORRORSCOPE Race turned the Tour de Ski on its head.  Baby New Year handed out many time bonuses that moved and shook the TdS standing. 438 more words