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Ireland in ruins

From Vikings and Celts, to the Brits and the French.

It often surprises me how we can ignore the presence of the past, just because it is an everyday sight. 174 more words


Skaldic Christmas

They howl as wolves, a tundra call
Across the frozen blinded land
That can’t be seen, or see at all,
By hooded face or glov-ed hand. 113 more words


Hiccup and Toothless Costumes Revealed!

I can’t believe I forgot to post Tristan & Graham’s finished How to Train Your Dragon costumes! Well, here they are in all their glory. Graham’s was super east since I found an awesome vest in the girl’s section at Target. 321 more words


The Lost History of the Gay Vikings

For centuries these ruthless marauders from Scandinavia terrorized and dominated much of northern Europe and Russia.

They were the Vikings–and five percent of them (at least) were… 459 more words


Weekend Viking

This weekend I’m going to brave thunderstorms and go do my weekend Viking thing, so I might be quiet for the next couple days. Since I’m on my phone, I’m going to be short, because I do not relish the concept of an extended post on a little bitty keyboard whilst riding on bumpy roads across south Texas. 9 more words