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Shocking Shields!

We are making Viking shields today. They have been designed and are in the process of being painted. Check back here to see the finished shields later on. 10 more words

Vikingskipshuset Museum

I’ve always been a sucker for a museum. I love getting to look at old artifacts, or mummies, and wondering what life could’ve been like back then. 105 more words

Oh The Place You'll Go!

Change 3

Here was 2.

So let’s remember how Viking looked in 2011, and

how she looked this past week.

Ditto . . . here was Annabelle V. 53 more words


Making a "Let's play"-video

…is a lot more work than I expected. As I am quite busy right now with a college project (a 2D RPG/Tycoon game for mobile devices), … 349 more words

Digital Games


Orange in his beard
Not from Viking descent
But from tomato soup

Prototype Leather Daneaxe for HEMA fencing

I study Highland Broadsword with my local HEMA group every week, and reading more Scottish and Irish history has made me want to have a go with one of the longaxes used before the Renaissance. 267 more words


Stock Removal Viking Axe: Progress

I have made some more progress on my stock removal axe. Most of the heavy grinding had been done so I heated the axehead in the forge to soften the steel before I started chiselling it. 320 more words