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It's Happy Villi Dance time!

Whenever we eat something delicious that makes our bodies happy, we do the happy villi dance.

In today’s very important instructional video, we teach you how to do the happy villi dance, so you can be cool like us! 386 more words

Good Info

Healthy Baking - Part 2


In my opinion, flour is one of the most challenging aspects of baking. Today’s flour is usually processed in order to be shelf stable for months, yet this takes it past the point of being nutritious. 738 more words

What are Vitamin Deficiencies?


 Day in and day out we run our bodies into the ground working overtime, stressing out; choosing the cookie over the apple or a double something filled with everything over anything else.   560 more words

Gluten Free

Is gluten making you overstimulated?

There has been a lot of controversy lately over gluten sensitivity, but the existence of celiac disease is something no one can argue against. Celiac disease affects 1 in 141 individuals in the United States and can cause intestinal damage. 417 more words