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Vimium oprócz Chrome także dla Opery

Project Vimium (http://krzysztofmorcinek.wordpress.com/2013/08/01/vimium-i-nie-potrzebujemy-myszki-w-chromie/) był kiedyś na Operze ale tylko w wersji 11 i 12 (skończyło się gdzieś w 2012).

Teraz gdy Opera działa na Webkit można używać rozszerzeń z Chrome. 36 more words

Seven habits of effective text editing

Learning to drive a car takes effort. Is that a reason to keep driving your bicycle? No, you realize you need to invest time to learn a skill.

48 more words
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Text Editor di Linux

Ada berbagai macam aplikasi untuk membuat dan mengedit text di linux, diantaranya :

Vim adalah editor teks lanjutan yang bertujuan untuk memberikan kekuatan editor Unix de-facto ‘Vi’, dengan fitur yang lebih lengkap.  277 more words


Pro Vim

By Mark McDonnell


Pro Vim teaches you the real-world workflows, tips, and tricks of this powerful, terminal-based text editor. This book covers all the essentials, as well as lesser-known but equally powerful features that will ensure you become a top-level performant and professional user, able to jump between multiple sessions while manipulating and controlling with ease many different documents and programming files. 425 more words


Mapping tab navigation in vim

This post assumes you already know how to use vim a little bit.

Wow this took a while to figure out. So, in case you aren’t aware, there is a way to have multiple tabs open in vim. 201 more words


Vim later, Vim earlier

Today I will tell about a very interesting feature of vim. It allows you to jump back in time and change a file to what it looked like at a particular time. 55 more words


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A Brief Introduction to Vim

After my initial hazing, I have decided I’m in love with Vim.

It turns out that learning Vim is a lot like learning to type properly. 675 more words


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Some thoughts about learning vim: