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Quick Tip: Vim NerdTree Placement

There have been numerous discussions going on around the web as to how NerdTree can be shown on the right instead of the left. I put together a quick screencast but the cast did not come out good so it is just as easy to share steps here for a quick tip: 80 more words


Vim File Local History

There was once upon a time when I needed the IDE because of the option that allowed me to look at the local history changed I had for a file. 160 more words

Web Development

Moving Around Vim File Quicker

This is a follow up post to the one I did yesterday in regards to working in the terminal only for my web development. One of the toughest learning curves I had when working with Vim was how to get around a file as quickly as I wanted to to find certain content within that file. 105 more words

Web Development

My Terminal Only Development Process

My Terminal Only Development ProcessI created this quick video tutorial on how I have come to the point where I am able to do all of my web development work inside of the terminal all day long without having to use a bunch of external applications. 193 more words


Control Rdio from Vim

Requirements: Original Post>>



I’ve finally decided to learn Vim, which is kind of like saying:

“I’ve decided to learn to fly. Watch closely as I dive from the edge of a high-rise building into a hungry bowl of sharks.”

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