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Break Those Barriers

Recently I stumbled upon this intriguing  tweet:

'The vim learning curve is a myth.' ow.ly/vP5Zs
Unix tool tip (@UnixToolTip) August 08, 2014

Some background…

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Breaking Barriers

A new task

Yesterday we were given a task on a Django based project, Librehatti. We have to deploy Javascript in Django form. We will be working on the same for a few days. 86 more words

Daily Diary

Example Vim Settings File (.vimrc)


In short Vim is a text editor that can be both used on a UNIX command line or via it graphical user interface. It is a free and open source software written by Bram Moolenarr. 538 more words


A Spiritual Formation Tip from the Food Network


Have you ever heard of mise en place (pronounced me-zahn-plahs)?  Mise en place is a French term that literally translates to “set in place.” In the culinary world it means  having everything ready to cook and in its place before the service of a meal. 673 more words

Living As Apprentices

Vim Tab Madness. Buffers vs Tabs

“If you are using tabs like this then you are really limiting yourself and using a feature of Vim that wasn’t meant to work like this. 61 more words


Debugging Vim Plugins With strace or: Remembering the Past


Syntastic has several ways for you to define your classpath when using javac. The way that I’ve chosen to manage my workspaces is by using the dot config file ( 543 more words


Vim Ex #1

This is the first in what I’ve decided will be a series of infrequent posts dealing with my experiments with Vim.

There’s already a ton of material on this out there, but I’ve decided against my better judgement to add to the million articles and blog posts out there. 833 more words