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Upgrading OVS on Mininet

Hello guys,

If you have installed Open vSwitch (OVS) by using installation script from Mininet, you probably installed the version 2.0. Let’s say that, you wanna upgrade to 2.1. 224 more words


Pentadactyl - My secret firefox superpower

I always hated having to move my hands off keyboard to get things done. I love key bindings. After having tried many extensions, I stumbled upon vimperator. 256 more words


Gross, really??

> Scientific python
> Issue: installed iPython
> Result: huge waste of time

> So all I wanted to do was use some scientific python libs… so I googled it, because the CS peeps in my group said “you can’t plot in vim”. 104 more words

Data Analysis

Vim Mapping: Spell Check and Goyo

Mapping Vim Spell-Check and Goyo to Function Keys

Constantly typing:

:setlocal spell spelllang=en_gb



it is really a waste of keystrokes and time. Not that I am lacking in time. 163 more words


First Experience with jCenter

When I started to learn Gradle, I wrote a simple plugin. It was a fairly useless adapter for JavaExec. It automatically set up the classpath and created an extension for pointing to the main class. 520 more words



When I need to edit files with superuser privileges, like those in etc directory, I used to do:

$ sudo vim /etc/hosts

This launches the editor with root privileges. 70 more words