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Thunders without Showers

How exciting it is to watch the airplane flyby always!!! When i was a kid my mother used to tell me “Aeroplane bantu, Aeroplane bantu” (In the native language Kannada it means “a plane has arrived/flying”), and i used to head straight out of my home leaving all activities and look up at the sky. 1,126 more words


A Day Out

I’ve been feeling so guilty about not spending any time with V (and about all the negative attention he’s been getting) that I decided to take him out yesterday. 193 more words


One Month

So, it’s been a month.  A month and two days since I’ve been a mum of two.

I’ve wanted to update my blog before, but I’ve not really had the time! 330 more words


Using SELECT statement inside an IF Else condition in JasperReports SQL query in JasperReports Server

I have the following sample query:

      Select  top 10 * from Person

      Select top 10 * from Person where Id < 20

When i create a report with above query using… 86 more words


Reliving nature on a Classical day

So the point is you never get younger, but you become more wiser. To learn something new everyday is a “to do” list on my diary. 783 more words


Primefaces requiredMessage shows twice

I have a form with p:messages and with a inputText field. The inputText field is required and has a requiredMessage. When the commandButton is clicked with empty inputText, I want to show messages only using p:messages, but I see the same message twice. 197 more words


The Last Time

I’ve got lots to blog about. V1, V2 – the usual. But my laptop isn’t working and though they’ve called me to tell me I can collect it – they weren’t able to save/retrieve ANYTHING. 55 more words