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Reliving nature on a Classical day

So the point is you never get younger, but you become more wiser. To learn something new everyday is a “to do” list on my diary. 783 more words


The Last Time

I’ve got lots to blog about. V1, V2 – the usual. But my laptop isn’t working and though they’ve called me to tell me I can collect it – they weren’t able to save/retrieve ANYTHING. 55 more words


It is Always better to live with reality, because otherwise, without fail, reality will come to live with you -- The Aghori

I like reading good books and one of my very favorites is the book being presented here, “Aghora -At the Left Hand of God”. A friend of mine suggested me this book way back in 2007 and when i had a glance at the book i just shut it and got the triology. 451 more words


What's That, Mama?!

Baby V and I came home from the hospital yesterday. While the experience was very positive, three days was enough and I couldn’t wait to come home to V. 174 more words


Ramadevara Betta Aka Sholay Hills

Last week was very hectic and I was in Delhi for 6 days on a work schedule. I touched three different states in a span of six days and such schedules are very gruelling. 895 more words


Ganjifa and Styx

It has been a year now since I started at wordpress and am really very glad to be here. I have learn’t and evolved as a teller, have put my thoughts and fantasies into writings and have been trying to improve and improvise. 687 more words


Usal, Vada, Misal trail in Mumbai......


When most Ghatkoparites ( read my Gujju friends)  would religiously flock to Matunga’s list of south Indian joints on a Sunday morning,  I decided to go further south to explore the staples Wada and Usal that Mumbai thrived on 4 decades back till the Idli/Dosa came into the picture. 326 more words