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Pillars Of Time - Landscape

I have chosen this photo for a Landscape image, i do not know how it fits in the techniques as its a learning process.  The image was taken at Nandi Hills which is around 90kms away from Bangalore. 68 more words


Ferry's Lined Up - Moment

These ferry’s are lined up in the Harbor of Mumbai. This moment was very special since I visited this place for the first time. The ferry’s are used for transport people from Mumbai to Alibaugh and also to the world famous Elephanta caves. 65 more words


Light House - A marvel at Architecture

This epic light house is located at Kapu, near the town of Udupi. This iconic light house was inaugurated in 1985 and i visited here in 2012 february. 66 more words


Open external URLs in the same tab and coupon code popup in a new tab

I am developing a coupon website and the client needed this type of feature that when a button(coupon code) is clicked the result should be Opening external URL in the same tab and coupon code popup in a new tab…. 12 more words

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Pop Of Color

These images show a sequence just before dawn. These images relate very much, the sunrise always brings in energy and enthusiasm. Every emotion is up with the sun and while I was awake one early morning i captured these on the digital camera. 13 more words



This image would be mysterious because only the top half of the moon is visible. What lies in the other half of the hemisphere awakens my curiosity a lot. 55 more words


Noreum Machi

It was raining yesterday evening and the bike was making its way through the traffic’s of Bangalore. Along with my younger brother I was on my way to the Good Shepherd Auditorium located at Richmond Road. 415 more words