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Returning error in json_decode

$pageContent = file_get_contents('http://ift.tt/1xfFMRC');
$parsedJson  = json_decode($pageContent);
echo $parsedJson->first_name; // Romanos Fessas

Not returning first_name and giving error

Warning: file_get_contents(http://ift.tt/1xfFOJh) : failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! 36 more words

Ulidavaru Kandante - As seen by "ME"

“Everything is done for entertainment”, dont take it seriously. These words echoed long back in my ears and while watching a movie I still follow it. 623 more words


Vinay Venkatraman: Tinkering scrap into hi-tech gadgets

http://inktalks.com Vinay Venkatraman gives us a glimpse into the world of streetside tinkering shops, where salvaged electronic parts are reconfigured and r…

On Primefaces datatable lazy loading complete update backing bean

I want to update backing bean after the primefaces datatable lazy loading is complete. I see that the API has a onSuccess & onComplete method for calling clientside code. 72 more words


Thunders without Showers

How exciting it is to watch the airplane flyby always!!! When i was a kid my mother used to tell me “Aeroplane bantu, Aeroplane bantu” (In the native language Kannada it means “a plane has arrived/flying”), and i used to head straight out of my home leaving all activities and look up at the sky. 1,126 more words


A Day Out

I’ve been feeling so guilty about not spending any time with V (and about all the negative attention he’s been getting) that I decided to take him out yesterday. 193 more words


One Month

So, it’s been a month.  A month and two days since I’ve been a mum of two.

I’ve wanted to update my blog before, but I’ve not really had the time! 330 more words