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Improving my Creative mind, just as the creative kind should!

Sooooo it’s coming up, mark it down in your calendars and chase up info on the website cause in May….
That’s right next month, The Sydney Writers festival is on!!!!!!! 193 more words

University Nonsense

Breaking Bad: "Pilot" Review (Season 1 Episode 1)

 “You know the business, and I know the                                chemistry.”

If someone asked me to describe Breaking Bad in a few words,  I would probably, after much deliberation, settle for ‘modern-day Greek tragedy’.

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The Original 'Breaking Bad' Ending Was More Of A Bloodbath Than The Actual Finale

With no due respect to House, the final season of Breaking Bad can be summed up in two words: everybody dies. That’s not technically true — Pinkman need for speeded away, there’s still a Walt (Jr.) in Skyler’s life, Huell hasn’t left his hotel room in nine years — but it might as well be, considering the body count in the finale, let alone the 15 episodes preceding it. 447 more words


A Monte Mario l’invasione dei cervelloni

Roma ha ospitato per due giorni il Festival of Media Global 2014, importante manifestazione internazionale che ha raggruppato per 48 ore al Cavalieri Hotel di Monte Mario il gotha della tecnologia mondiale. 434 more words


Defending Skyler White

Hello everyone, new video uploaded today. Here I discuss Breaking Bad, mostly the character of Skyler White and why everyone should calm down.

Check Out The Cast Of Vince Gilligan’s New TV Show 'Battle Creek' In A Police Lineup

The last time we got really and truly excited about a network drama, we got burned by Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, and yet despite that, and despite the fact that Battle Creek will air on the networkiest network of them all, CBS, I’m still stupidly allowing myself to get excited about it because of one name: Vince Gilligan.