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Twelve More Testing Goals Assessed Today -- How Many Did Rhee Succeed At?

Part Fourteen of Many

Once again, we are today comparing promised goals with actual results. This time, it involves the black-white, hispanic-white, and poor-nonpoor achievement gaps on the 2012 DC-CAS. 674 more words

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Admitting That Gun Control Doesn’t Work, D.C. Mayor Calls For More Gun Control

by Brian Anderson | Downtrend | September 19, 2014

Gun control is population control

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The great thing about arguing gun control with leftist ninnies is that you don’t have to argue at all; they talk themselves into a corner leaving us pro-2A types free to sit back and laugh.
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D.C. Leaders Preparing to Rewrite Gun Laws

WASHINGTON — District of Columbia leaders are preparing to rewrite the city’s gun laws to address a judge’s ruling that struck down a ban on carrying handguns outside the home in the nation’s capital. 154 more words


The Worst Investment In The World (Or At Least DC)

My dad always admonishes me against buying a new car: “it’s the only thing that loses half its value the second you buy it. Nothing depreciates like a new car.” That might be true in the strictest sense, but a new car only costs low five figures. 995 more words

Campaign Gatekeeping 101 in the DC mayoral race - Update

I did a little more investigation of the people behind one of the two larger debates I am being excluded from (I am invited to almost all of the smaller and medium sized ones). 1,199 more words

Vincent Gray

Libertarians included in many debates in DC, but censored from the two largest

One local area libertarian pointed out to me 6th and I synagogue is having this forum and did not invite me.  

I am being invited to all the smaller forums (Capitol Hill Arts Center, DC Statehood group, National Capital Area ACLU, DC Youth Alliance) but not this one and the only big one, the WAMU/NPR forum.   222 more words

Vincent Gray

D.C. Mayor Gray's Campaign Driver Pleads Guilty

WASHINGTON (WNEW/AP) — A former D.C. Council candidate who served as driver for District of Columbia Mayor Vincent Gray during his 2010 campaign has pleaded guilty to conspiring to violate campaign finance laws. 286 more words