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Stain Be Gone, Test #1

Last week both littles had the stomach bug(that’s more like the stomach flu!) that seems to be everywhere right now. We have friends on the other side of the country dealing with it too, yuck!(Hope you guys feel better soon Jen!! 378 more words

Tips And Tricks

Make Your Own Cleaners

To celebrate “green” day, I’m going to share some recipes but don’t eat these! These recipes are for cleaning :)

Bathroom Cleaner:
3/4 c. baking soda… 484 more words


Spring Tonic Vinegar

All the little green things are coming out now, and it’s so exciting to greet them all, even the weeds. Of course, weeds are nothing but plants that you don’t want, and a lot of them have worth even though they take over your strawberry patch. 344 more words

Two Belgiums enter, one deliciousness leaves!

I love talking about Belgium because you get to say things like “Flemish” and “Walloon,” “Flanders” and “Wallonia.” You can’t make this stuff up. It’s an interesting place, with the Dutch Flemish (heehee) and French Walloons (haha) creating this odd system of separation, which naturally can lead to tension. 334 more words


Mustard & Dill Chicken Salad

Last weekend I cooked off several chicken thighs to use this week. Jeremy and I spent hours today pruning, mowing and tidying the yard, so I needed something quick to prepare for dinner. 126 more words

Stewed Beef Ribs

I hate cooking ribs because they take forever, but then I heard about a method using a stew pot and doing it on the stove, so I gave it a try!  142 more words


Sweet and Tangy Cole Slaw

I am extremely picky with my Cole Slaw. I haven’t made it in years. It just sounded good for today and I needed a no mayo (egg/dairy) recipe. 169 more words

Side Dish