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Maybe I Should Be Wearing...

Maybe I should be wearing a tie and jacket when I do my photo shoots? A suit or tuxedo perhaps?

A Device to Rub Your Pain Away...

You Can Receive Health, Strength, Vigor, Energy, Vitality and Happiness Through the Use of “Try-New-Life”

Learn How Nature Doctors Your Body

In your blood many millions of little living beings, alive, eating, breathing, fighting, are the soldiers of your body and they obey your orders. 163 more words


Believe it or not, COCAINE Used to be a Drug

It was to be taken Pro re nata (PRN) or as needed for as long you can resist it.

Simply Unbelievable

Trade Directly Like It's 1926!

Last weekend, I stumbled across some great vintage advertising at the Printer’s Row Lit Fest. Yesterday’s booth was packed with great books and amazing old prints, but the graphic designer in me was drawn straight to the old advertisements. 729 more words