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Ol' Buddy Opal ;)

As I become fonder and fonder of things like candy floss, unicorns, magic and alike as I near a mid-life crisis at 27 (my second since I was 18) I am learning to appreciate a good gemstone and all the hard work that goes into allowing them to reach their potential. 338 more words

Tatters Vintage Jewellery

I love finding new business start ups online and after the lovely Tatters started following me on twitter, I soon checked out their amazing new vintage jewellery line and loved it! 101 more words


Brooches with tales to tell...

We have these antique and vintage brooches as new additions to the Cabinet 49 shop. They are each evocative of journeys and discoveries. I like to wonder how they were originally happened upon and how they have been worn and passed through time. 24 more words


Bangles, Hot Stack!

I LOVE jewellery, bangles in particular at the moment. I have a huge collection of bangles from plastics to bamboo and wood and I’m always on the hunt in the hope of finding some genuine vintage Bakelite but having big hands make it hard to find good bits that actually fit so I often have to make do with modern equivalents, I often referrer to these as fakelite. 159 more words

Vintage Lifestyle



Come on over and have a look at all the latest beautiful shiny things I have for sale on E-bay !! 1,991 more words


Vintage Jewels: White Flower Brooch

I really like this vintage brooch. This is an unusual brooch of white flowers, each set with a large, and very sparkly, crystal.

This would look lovely at a wedding, or for a Summer event. 35 more words


Vintage Jewels: Flower Basket Brooch

This vintage brooch is very pretty, and very sparkly! It is in the form of a silver effect basket in which several glittering flowers have been placed. 56 more words