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Even a woman can read this

Have you ever seen that Laurel and Hardy film where Ollie is getting married and Stan buys a jigsaw puzzle? He’s supposed to be the best man, but he can’t tear himself away from the puzzle, and everybody who is sent to get him winds up doing the puzzle as well. 532 more words

Elaine Canham

Highway 80 to Nowhere, 1928

Try to take

Highway 80

any where


& you’ll end

up in a lake -

Or  worse -

the desert


That’s because,

my friend, 212 more words

The Vintage Book Poem Du Jour

Ms. Marilyn Monroe, the Unexpected Cover Girl

All these diff


come to me,

looking at this



& Marilyn Monroe.


an unlikely pair -

one just be-ginning -

one no longer there. 121 more words

The Vintage Book Poem Du Jour

Welcome and Thank you!

This newly pressed blog was created
with the hope of highlighting what is rarely seen.

The Gilded Times is dedicated to all the writers, illustrators, photographers, artists, editors, agents and publishers in our past. 136 more words

Fashion History

working collages

When I am working out ideas for my next painting, I like to break things up by creating a few quick fun collages like this one. 31 more words

Brooke Sauer