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Vintage scarves

Sometimes a bland outfit can be glammed up with a good scarf and I might have bought quite a few whilst I was at the vintage market in Gloucester Green, Oxford. 13 more words


How Should A Man Tie A Scarf?

Keep it very simple – As you already know confidence is everything and makes you look even better, thus, tie the scarf the way you feel comfortable wearing. 773 more words

Fashion Scarves

Get Tied

Pardon the production quality, but I just love the vintage booklets that you find with all the different ways to tie a scarf. You would be surprised how much of a forgotten skill it is!

Fun things I inherited from my mother.

While going through some of my mother’s things during the Memorial Holiday weekend this year, I found several items that are just absolutely fabulous for my closet. 47 more words


Make Your Outfit Work For You With A Head Scarf

Though a scarf is just a small piece of fabric, but if it is put correctly over your attire; you can look gorgeous. The ultimate thing that is important is the method you wear it and then no one can overlook your charisma and style. 703 more words


Scarved for Life

There is a vintage shop in West, Texas that I love called Style Station. It’s packed with authentic pearl snaps, jazzy dresses from the 70’s and the owners, Art & Rebecca, are awesome. 300 more words