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A Beat For You by Pseudo Echo

Love this 80s song by Pseudo Echo…

A Beat For You.



I Love Your Smile by Shanice

Cool song from Shanice…

I Love Your Smile.



Love Moves In Strange Ways by Blue Zoo

Another favorite from the 80s era….

Love Moves In Strange Ways by Blue Zoo 2 by 2 album.


Somewhere In My Heart by Aztec Camera


Love this song from Aztec Camera.

Somewhere In My Heart (Extended Version).



I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost

Glow in the dark vinyl… is it a necessity? Well… no, but what music-infused medium is ever necessary? Generations of record collectors are turning in their graves as I type this. 151 more words


My Record Store Day Haul

Today is quite easily my favorite holiday of the year.  Record Store Day is Christmas for the hipster kids.  Once a year, hipster Santa bestows on us special releases from our favorite bands.   498 more words

DEADHEAD sticker on a Cadillac/Still a better love story than Twilight


Not sure how to start this post, since I’ve now put it off for a whole four freaking months. I am however fairly certain about why I decided not to abandon this blog, and why i’m starting this process of dis-abandonment at three in the morning. 839 more words