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No More Free Watching

I can’t get over the security camera in my room. Yes, I’ve dealt with it for a very long time as a baby monitor for us to use (when we’re both downstairs) and generally showing the crib only. 976 more words

Too Far

I sat here thinking about what just occurred, my cat in my arms gently breathing as I listened to music to relax, my neck aflame. 294 more words


Apparently, some people have never heard of the biological phenomenon known as EARLY PUBERTY. This innocent 4-year-old Ivorian girl was stripped naked and humiliated before a congregation simply because she exhibited signs of early puberty i.e. 76 more words


I have a secret

I put a man, specifically a police officer, in prison.

I’m not going to give dates, years, or names in order to protect myself, because the FBI didn’t do a very good job of protecting me. 758 more words


Before There Was an America...

The Spaniards landed on the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico in 1519, where they discovered the advanced society of the Aztecs. Their civilization stretched along the Valley of Mexico, and Tenochtitlan was its capital, which was the location of present day Mexico City. 1,478 more words

Teaser for Violated, the novel, by Keith Swainson


The man comes home and discovers his wife has left him. After a confused search, he stands in the living room, fumbling keys in his left hand, and clutching a bouquet of flowers in his right. 175 more words

Jesus Christ