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Today was my first time alone on public transportation and I was sexually harassed.

I was coming back from a lovely morning in the City with my mom. She dropped me off 1/2 a block from the L station I was supposed to get on. 713 more words

Image representing 'violated' on #WordyMonday

Many months ago +TWije suggested ‘violated’ when I asked for people to suggest words I could interpret with dance images. This shot, which I took quite a while ago, seemed a perfect choice. 42 more words

Carole Edrich Dance Photography


I’m going to cosmetology school. Lots of woman. I’ve been asked how Donovan passed away multiple times. My answer is always the same. It’s not something I want to talk about. 192 more words



There were mixed signals emanating from Nigeria over the weekend following reports that some factions of Boko Haram had killed at least nine people in renewed hostilities in two villages. 271 more words



Blue corduroy leggings -
I doubt I’ll forget too quickly,
A six o’ clock pilgrimage in November.

Something was bound to happen when those glassy eyes were spinning; 340 more words


This should not have happened to me!

It was a beautiful day to study. I had just settled in on one of my favourite benches near the lost lagoon in Stanely Park, when I had the strange sensation that someone was watching me. 588 more words

Wrestling With Worldviews