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The guy who owned the movie rental place

I grew up in a small beach town where the local kids mostly roamed around when school wasn’t in session. There was a small shopping center filled with mom and pop stores that I would go to with my friends to play a few rounds of truth or dare by the fountain followed up with some hide and go seek. 645 more words


I’m censored and trapped. I can’t do anything, write anything, say anything, without it having to go through a rigorous “is this acceptable? what consequences will this cause?” So I shut up and keep quite and don’t say a thing. 19 more words


Went to Jen’s on Friday to look after Zach. Eileen came and off we went for lunch, delicious had a lovely time. Ruined when we got back to find we’d been burgled, they’d kicked Jen’s door open, next door was worse they had sawed a big hole in the door. 57 more words

March all balled up into one blog

The month of March consisted of a few random things that I found a little hard to divide week by week. I did a few things that I had either never done or not done in a long time. 1,394 more words

Doing Something I've Never Done

Jag hatar att hata men det finns inget värre än att älska.

Det är en underbar kväll utanför mitt fönster och dagen har varit bra. Det gick utmärkt på jobbet och jag fick beröm av chefen och han sa att dom två jag jobbar närmast med, på bokavdelningen, trivs jättebra med mig och att jag gör ett bra jobb. 523 more words

Psykisk Ohälsa

"Are you wearing panties?"

…she asked me, as she lifted up my hospital gown without waiting for an answer.  She then began palpating my abdomen without permission.

I won’t say that I felt violated, but I certainly felt  299 more words


Ace making friends… #pitbull #violated #whosontop...

Ace making friends… #pitbull #violated #whosontop…

Ace making friends… #pitbull #violated #whosontop #killerpit

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