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Recent Shootings in Juarez

There was a shootout today in downtown Juarez near the Santa Fe bridge leaving one municipal policeman dead and a young girl seriously injured. Border Patrol agents pursued several other Juarez police involved in the shooting… A more detailed version in El Diario also posted below… 65 more words

Ciudad Juárez

Gun Control Advocate Suffers Brutal Attack and Now WANTS a Firearm

James Dittrich was outside walking his dog for the last time that evening, little did he know, 2 criminals had selected their victim. As he was making his way up to his third floor apartment, he was… 668 more words

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I've noticed this is true with other political issues too. People are opposed to something, then when it happens to them (usually victims of some kind of a disaster) they change their tune real quick, having got a taste of reality.

El Diario Report: Sites of Massacres…Then and Now

Yesterday, El Diario ran a special report on seven of the most shocking multi-homicides that occurred between 2008 and 2013.  There are a lot of photos and it is worth exploring online…  And just for some perspective, there were 25 massacres in the city (massacre defined as more than 6 victims in one incident) between 2008 and 2013. 53 more words

Ciudad Juárez


Yesterday President Obama took a break from fund raising (although he will resume his schedule for that purpose later in the week) to offer a statement on the downing of Malaysia Flight 17 over the Ukraine and wag his finger at those who are impeding the effort to provide the 298 victims and their families the dignity of closure.  640 more words


The Artesia Experience | Noble Law Firm

Thanks to Jose Luis Benavides for passing on this update from inside the Artesia detention center. It reminds me of the OAKDALE, Louisiana detention center set up in the pine woods of central Louisiana in the 1980s. 107 more words

Human Rights Abuses

Thich Nhat Han

In really dark times, my last resort is always to turn to the words of this brave person. He has been speaking out against violence and representing compassion, understanding and reason since the war in Vietnam, his birthplace. 53 more words