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Blood Obsession: To serve and protect

Steve Canton walked in to the turn out room. A new class graduated four days before and he was getting his new probie. The senior officers in the bunch all took bets on which one of their babies was going to screw up first. 577 more words


DACA- The Uncertain Future of Immigrant Children by Enrique Benavides

Ana Barbara Roman and Jaime Jorge are two senior students at California State University who arrived illegally to the United States from Mexico. They are currently under the protection of the… 531 more words


#MicroBlogMondays: 4 Little Girls

51 years ago, four young black girls were killed in Birmingham when their church was bombed by the KKK. I had the opportunity to visit the church last summer on my… 135 more words


Graveyards of Sodomized Children in The Netherlands and The UK

Graveyard of Children in The Netherlands is entertainment for the wealthy elites.

Child Killing by Royalty, Soros: Eyewitness

June 5, 2014

Tape is of    Anne Marie van Blijenburgh.  694 more words

Failure To Listen

Shame, stigma and silence allows FGM to continue: activist Khadija Gbla.

Khadija Gbla, Director of No FGM Australia, is a 26 year old Australian campaigning against female genital mutilation. Born in Sierra Leone. Her family sought refuge in Australia in 2001 after enduring a thirteen-year civil war within her homeland. 2,517 more words



With the release of this new footage of Ray Rice knocking out his then finance and dragging her out of the elevator, there have been several responses from the public!  617 more words