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How Victims of Domestic Violence Can Receive a Green Card

The most common ways to gain permanent residency in the United States remain through family petitions or employment sponsorship.  However, there are some less common methods that are considered humanitarian in nature.   206 more words

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Tell Speaker Boehner to squash the lawsuit & the impeachment talk ~ a repost

It is important that voters know Republicans are not only using Taxpayer money to sue POTUS, but their 50 votes to repeal ACA cost $34Billion, the Benghazi hearings Millions, the GOP Shutdowns = $24Billion and the IRS hearings about  $14Million + … just to name a few. 62 more words

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Suporting Victims of Sexual Violence on Campus

These articles provide information related to the Campus Sexual Violence Elimination Act (SaVE). The first is purely informative in terms of helping students understand the rights and expectations of institutions in terms of the Act. 86 more words

6 Ways Trans Women Are Helping Deliver Gender Equality

By Marcie Bianco  March 21, 2014

Women’s History Month, like spring itself, came in like a lamb and, it seems, without much acknowledgement from the mainstream press. 852 more words

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Here's What Happens When You Get a Rape Kit Exam

Updated: July 22, 4:00 p.m.

Getting a rape kit collected is no picnic. The process can last up to four hours, and involves getting poked, prodded, swabbed and photographed in exactly the places a rape victim would have been violated in an attack. 397 more words

Women Need To Be Educated About Sexual Consent -- Right Now They Aren’t

Janet Bloomfield | Thought Catalog | June 15, 2014

When Lara Stemple, a researcher at UCLA looked at the latest National Crime Victimization Survey, she was shocked to see that men experienced rape and sexual assault almost as frequently as women, and that women were often the perpetrators. 838 more words

Male "Power" And "Privilege"