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Hamas or Israel? Netanyahu says Palestinian Authority must choose

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas must choose either peace with Israel or an alliance with Hamas, but he cannot have both, Israel’s PM has said. His comments come after the Palestinian Authority restarted talks on a unity government with Hamas.During a meeting with Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said if the Palestinian Authority united with Hamas it would bring an end to the US-sponsored peace talks. 90 more words


Gun Silencers Are Suddenly Selling Like Hot Cakes...

The silencer buying frenzy is the second wave of gun-related purchases in the last two years. After the Newtown massacre, gun owners feared that a weapons ban would be enacted and rushed to buy assault rifles.

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Little Girl Lost

Written March 31, 2010.  

Marsha Doke was dead before I was born. Of course I did not know Marsha, who would only live to the age of six, and I did not and do not know her family, but her life and brutal death has haunted me for more than a decade. 1,378 more words


Dangerous Love: Part Two - Bye Bye Martin

Captivating part illustrating the damage done to Bobby and Baby and what their darkness has produced.

Police look for shell casings on the estate of Frederick Douglass; 3 shot in Historic Anacostia on Easter Sunday

The Southside is the apocalyptic side of the metropolis.

Around each corner in Anacostia is an unknown glimpse of either a faded and forgotten history or a seemingly random outburst of violence. 407 more words

White House on Violence in South Sudan

Office of the Press Secretary
April 22, 2014

Statement by the Press Secretary on South Sudan

We are horrified by reports out of South Sudan that fighters aligned with rebel leader Riek Machar massacred hundreds of innocent civilians last week in Bentiu. 210 more words

Youth + Jobs: A Pathway Out of Poverty, Incarceration and Violence

Interview by Caitlin Schnur, Workforce Research and Policy Fellow, NTJN

Serving communities in the Greater Boston area as well as Springfield, MA, Roca, Inc.’s mission is clear: to help at-risk youth currently on a path toward prison overcome violence and poverty.  1,009 more words