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Attacked in Kensington Park - The Statement Not Taken

We had just gluttonously had our second dinner, and come out from the shadiest bar that Kensington at to offer in the Kensington Mall that George didn’t know existed. 949 more words


Serial Murder: The Mirror Never Lies

Each of us is being murdered on a daily basis, in hundreds of different ways, dynamically and slowly, overtly and covertly, of body, of mind, of instinct and of potential. 908 more words

Child Abuse

GamerGate - don't hold your breath on changes to gaming, which is driven by Sex, Violence, and MONEY in reverse order ...

RE: GamerGate

I’m always torn in these battles.  On the one hand I’m very sympathetic to the idea we need more women in computing. Also I have great contempt for the harassing / sexism / misogyny that is pervasive in video gaming  (also unfortunate is that the current trend in computer science degrees =FEWER women each year, so this probably will get worse before it gets better ) 186 more words


Guacamelee: Super Turbo Championship Edition (Wii U)

I wanted this one, Jess wasn’t sure. She didn’t like the pictures and said it looked a little naff. But the reviews! The reviews are great! 801 more words


31 Films # 14 - Friday the 13th


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There seem to be two camps in the horror genre among fans. Those that like Friday the 13th, and those whom prefer A Nightmare on Elm Street, it seems if you like one series, you hate the other. 243 more words

31 Days Of Horror

Resolutions of the Public Indignation Meeting, Part Two

The Lynching of William Phillips: parts 123, 4, 5, 6, 7

Resolutions: part 1

The Public Indignation Meeting of April 30, 1855 affirmed the right to drive abolitionists, by which they meant any antislavery person, from Kansas in the name peace and quiet. 710 more words

Road To War