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Blame bad science on profit-making journals

Imagine you’re a scientist. You’re interested in testing the hypothesis that playing violent video games makes people more likely to be violent in real life. This is a straightforward theory, but there are still many, many different ways you could test it. 1,067 more words

Do video games make people violent?


This is a question asked by many people and the way you need to think about it is would a video games make you violent. 274 more words

Adam Lanza's "Score Sheet" Spreadsheet is a Hoax designed to Stereotype Gamers

For years, news writers have been claiming Adam Lanza created a massive 7 by 4 foot spreadsheet detailing previous killers murders. The article that it  first was mentioned in had massive anti-gamer stereotyping in it, claimed it as a “gamer score sheet”, mentioned a bullshit “code of a gamer” which says it’s preferable to kill  yourself then to be caught, and other nonsense. 258 more words

Moral Panics