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Discovery While Editing

So editing a few of the pictures I took today in Photoshop, As I’m adjusting the slider for the exposure (as you do) I notice a little bit of purple come though on the image, so I slide it all the way and this is what came out of it, This beautiful image displaying the white, violet and blue end of the light spectrum, i didn’t expect this in the slightest as the original image the sky was white and barely had any blue what so ever, so seeing this on my captured images is rather special, feels like I’ve captured an aurora. 19 more words


What the fuck I meant

Re: Love Poem to an Inanimate Fucking Object

I’m (very half-heartedly) taking part in NaPoWriMo14. The prompt for Day 7 was to write a love poem to an inanimate object. 170 more words


Not so Good Friday

Violet was diagnosed with a UTI last week so we’ve been Clavamox-ing her before her checkup this morning.

I woke up to her pawing at the window, taunted by this little guy… 86 more words