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Pewter Dance

Sings silver, the rain–

With autumn wind, violin–

Plays at my windowpane–

How day pewter dances!

© Morrow V Ryan, 2014


Sunday Morning / House of Hammond

Sunday morning dawns musical, always. Even in the coldest weather, the birds sing clearly in the early quiet hours of a Sunday morning. I can hear them in the trees: their quavering voices penetrate the ice-cold windowpanes, and birdsong fills the rooms of this tree-house of an apartment. 1,143 more words

Remember This? Cat Stevens' Tea for the Tillerman album (or being miles from nowhere and back again)

November 23rd, 1970. On that day, Cat Stevens released his second album, Tea for the Tillerman. Yes, it was that long ago.

As I young teen sowing his primitive social and musical oats, I was a sponge. 991 more words


Can anybody tell me how to hold my violin without it digging into my collarbone?

It’s a cold and snowy winter night, and all I want to do is curl up in bed with a good book.  I’m going to do that after I do my blogs. 510 more words

A Cello or a Violin?

“Why did they commit suicide?”

“Why don’t we?”


Talking to others doesn’t help. Talking to yourself won’t help either.


“…my need for closeness outweighs my sense of self-preservation.” — Virgina Woolf… 71 more words


Joke time p. 172

As many orchestras struggle in this economy, they’re taking a page from the corporate world and beginning to downsize by shedding musicians.

Hark! Can you hear that beautiful sound!? 13 more words