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Parents' Meeting Success

Thanks to all who came to the Parents’ Meeting. We had a great turn-out and there was a lot of positive energy in the room! It was good to see everyone again and meet some new families! 144 more words



A long-standing rumour has it that professional classical guitarists don’t do washing up because the warm water would soften their plucking fingernails too much (presumably destroying their carefully-honed tone and precision, to say nothing of upping the risk of the ultimate fingerstyle guitarist’s nightmare – a broken nail … ). 294 more words

Big investors are hoarding string instruments at the expense of musicians

The “Macdonald” viola is one of only 10 Stradivarius violas in existence, and one of only two violas crafted by the famed luthier Antonio Stradivari during his “golden period” of production. 324 more words

Friends, music, musicianship, and the unexpected

As I learn more music everyday, I will not forget how much passion my friends and colleagues put into their work. I used to feel this huge amount of unfairness, since I didn’t get to pick my instrument. 326 more words