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A Bitter Pill: Journos miss clues in health coverage

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Never take information at face value

Journalists miss important clues in early coverage of new drugs
By Paige Blankenbuehler

As a journalist on the healthcare beat, the reporting we do and the information we gather has real bearing on the lives of our readers, literally. 1,163 more words


NSAIDs and cardiovascular risk explained

”¬†¬†showed that they posed a cardiovascular hazard, similar in magnitude to that resulting from being a smoker or a diabetic “

04 May 2012… 957 more words

Lethal Or Unintended Side Effects

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With another year just ahead we all notice time flying by. I understand that now it is every seven seconds that a person turns 50 in America. 119 more words

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The COX-2 enzyme, on the other hand, works to synthesize prostacyclin from essential fatty acids. Prostacyclin helps prevent platelets from clumping and promotes blood vessel dilation and inflammation and in high concentrations can drill holes through weak stomach linings. 30 more words

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Take the problem that Vioxx was designed to address, for example: arthritic inflammation. The scientists who developed Vioxx focused on one small part of the picture. 46 more words

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Within the last two weeks Federal health officials conceded that the same sort of dangers associated with Vioxx apply, too, to Celebrex. Three days after the Celebrex warning, a warning was issued concerning what was always considered a relatively benign, over the counter product, Alieve. 21 more words

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One internal email dated as early as 1996 during development, reveals an awareness at Merck of the potential hazards. Over time evidence mounted and by 2004 the danger of heart attack and stroke became so obvious, especially for higher intake levels and long term use, the manufacturer decided to remove all Vioxx from its shelf.