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How I'm feeling after a two week porn binge

This morning I want to write about the differences between how I’m feeling now, after just having come off a two week porn binge, with how I was feeling two weeks ago. 492 more words



Guess what? I just finished my first daily morning meditation since arriving back home. I felt fairly focused, obviously my mind wondered at times, and at times it was difficult to bring it back, but I did it. 312 more words



Stepping through the gate of Wat Ram Poeng, also known as the Insight Meditation Center, always feels like coming home. The first time Lucy and I set foot in this beautiful temple on the outskirts of Chiangmai in 2002, we knew from that inner place of knowing that we had found our spiritual home. 627 more words

Mindful Meditation

Tuesday, December 3rd

We will be having the next in our First Tuesdays series when we go back to the beginners teachings and refresh our understanding of the basics. 63 more words


Cycle 4 Day 3: Vipassana - Final Lessons Learned

This feels like it is becoming a little self indulgent… Oh well I am writing for me, no one else. And this is the last one, so here’s my final lessons learned. 1,173 more words


Nov 28-30: Vipassana Meditation Weekend Retreat

Vipassana Meditation Weekend Retreat near Cultus Lake with Brian Ruhe and Ajahn Santy

“Open inquiry. Wise discernment.”

Practicing breath, body sensation, loving kindness and walking meditation in the Theravada Forest tradition. 124 more words


26 November 2014 8:38 am

I have had enough of being a slave to my compulsions. It is getting ridiculous. I am a 42 year old man, but am as slavishly tied to my sexual compulsions as any teenage boy – perhaps even more so. 467 more words