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The Universal Subject

9/1/13  Henson-so, Mungyeong, Korea – Day 2

English / Korean

From this talk: “You don’t have to know any texts at all, but you have to be very honest about yourself. 36 more words

One Dharma International Podcast

Symbiotic hug - #buddhism #haiku plus questions for #meditation and reflection

Mushrooms on a palm,
such oddities can be found -
symbiotic hug

Haiku by Stephanie Mohan – September 2014

For meditation and reflection

Nature shows us that two or more unlikely “friends” can form an interdependent relationship of benefit to one or more.

19 more words

365 Challenge Day 115 - Revolution

40 Days to Personal Revolution – Day 5

Oh man, I am so tired tonight. It was a day of sticking to the goals, but doing the minimum. 41 more words

365 Challenge

365 Challenge Day 114 - Revolution

40 Days to Personal Revolution – Day 4
YOGA: One hour vinyasa class in a DC studio (I liked the teacher, and the style, but I truly do not understand why a teacher would tell us to focus on the ujjiyi breath and then play Indie Pop during the entire class; even during savasana!) 42 more words

365 Challenge

Tuesday, September 16th

We will be sitting, walking and sitting so the evening will be silent. No discussion is planned, so no reading… The schedule is:

6:00 – 6:30 sitting… 38 more words


The other shore - #buddhism

The other shore is
over the horizon.

You can see it
if you
forget your self

Stephanie Mohan – September 2014

photo by Stephanie Mohan – New Zealand 2009