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Tuesday, August 26th

After our previous discussion on the Five Hindrances we decided that we’d like to continue studying this topic by focusing on a single hindrance and paying attention to how it plays in our lives and so we decided to study the first one in most versions of the list: greed and sensual desire. 85 more words


106 days

Two days ago, after 27 months of intense work to heal physically, emotionally and psychologically, even though it was something I hadn’t planned to do until September, I sat down at my computer to begin working on my 5th book. 242 more words

How to place the mind.

Cultivating diligence as just described,
In concentration I will place my mind.
For those whose minds are slack and wandering
Are caught between the fangs of the afflictions. 92 more words

Daily Dharma Quotes

The greatest welfare

Phuṭṭhassa lokadhammehi,
cittaṃ yassa na kampati,
asokaṃ virajaṃ khemaṃ;
etaṃ maṅgalamuttamaṃ.

When faced with the vicissitudes of life,
one's mind remains unshaken,
sorrowless, stainless, secure;
this is the greatest welfare. 10 more words

New Music Fix 8.18.14 - Benjamin Booker and Eric Harland Voyager

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Benjamin Booker – Benjamin Booker

Where did this dude come from? 382 more words

Slightly Off Key

2013 Korean Retreat, Day 1

8/31/13  Henson-so, Mungyeong, Korea

English / Korean

Topics covered include: Confusion with different traditions and meditation techniques, clarifying vipassana and mindfulness, Blue Sky Meditation and Blue Sky Yoga, and the retreat schedule. 6 more words

One Dharma International Podcast

Saturday, August 23rd

We will be having a half-day sitting, and the tentative schedule is below. You can join us for all, or part, of this time, but if you arrive after 9am please try to arrive while we’re doing the walking. 23 more words