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Vipassana Meditation in India (Hoshiapur)

Just came out of my fourth Vipassana Meditation course. It was probably one of the most challenging experiences I’ve had but  as I’ve always found with Vipassana retreats, very fruitful. 857 more words

Tasting the sweet nectar of silence: Reflections from a 40 day silent retreat in the Himalayas

‘Once upon a time, a student of meditation went to see a sage. The student began discussing philosophical concepts, such as God and the divine existence, but the sage didn’t say anything. 3,763 more words

Bihar School Of Yoga

Walking meditation

For those who find sitting cross-legged for long hours difficult, walking meditation provides a good option.

I spent many years in the vipassana tradition sitting on the floor, for about twelve hours days, without a backrest letting awareness take its course. 516 more words

Understanding Depression Through Meditation

Only a few years back I was diagnosed with severe depression, which featured hallucinations, frequent depersonalisation, and panic attacks. Daily meditation has been the one ritual that has truly helped me to understand my suffering and go beyond it. 745 more words

No longer required

Dreams are for the troubled,

there is a clear blue sky above,
rivers of greenery below,

the bright sun reveals all sources,

the cycle of birth and death…

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Tuesday, July 29th

Linda will facilitate an exploration of the buddhist teachings and practices that members of the sangha find useful when the events of the world set the heart and mind spinning, for example, the recent shooting down of the Malaysian airliner over Ukraine. 32 more words


Meditation Series, Article I: Easing Your Way into Meditation

Life today is hectic, no matter who you are, or what you do. Those of us who live in a city are bombarded with something like… 744 more words

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