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Sports Inspired Typography

The typographic stylings of Australian illustrator/designer Christopher Haines are on point. We love his fresh take on this set letterforms from A to Z. This alphabet sort of evolves and shape shifts, from swooshy distortion of the letter C to the sneaker-inspired letter M to the full-on venomous viper wrapped around the letter W. 25 more words


2015 Dodge Viper Will Get Horsepower Bump To 645-HP by Auto Blog Via

It’;s being reported that the 2015 Dodge Viper is getting a small horsepower bump to 645 horsepower. Unfortunately that means that the 2015 Viper will not be as powerful as the Challenger SRT Hellcat. 32 more words

Dodge Viper Convertible Available Only With Aftermarket Sales

Many of you have the dream of letting your hair down and driving topless—the car, not you—down the open road in a sexy sports car. Many of you might even have this dream in the brand-new Dodge Viper, but may have been disappointed when you were told that the Dodge Viper convertible wasn’t a factory option. 219 more words



Trust I think that is a funny and weird word in a way no1 trusts anyone but those who are in deep love ive been in some relationships where there was no trust what so ever and it broke us apart mostly cause they cheated on me. 221 more words



Hi there.

Welcome to my WordPress Blog.

This is the first time I have attempted anything like this, so, be gentle.

The main purpose of this “Blog” is to provide a window into my world as a Forza Motorsport Livery designer. 13 more words



These past few weeks have been hard for me ive been down in the dumps really depressed if it wasnt for stacey and her 3 wonderful kids I wouldnt be here right now they have saved me and helped me out alot I owe everything to them they make me smile make me happy I couldnt of gotten through it with out them I hope they realise how special they are to me there isnt a day that goes by without them running through my mind I think about them 24/7 as soon as I wake up until I go to sleep they mean the world to me I love them all and I hope they love me to they really are my heros and I thank them so much from the bottom of my heart thank you stacey dylan chloe and john you 4 are amazing and have saved me I cant thank you all enough so I hope this will make you smile stacey is my queen chloe is my lik princess and dylan and john are my lil princes you all mean the world to me thank you and keep saving me love you all.    Love shane aka viper.