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Viral advertising: If you won’t watch it on TV, hell, you’ll watch it on The Youtube

What is a viral promotion? Is it a small, infectious agent that forces viewers to watch Flo from Progressive Insurance, or the duck from Aflac? Is it an unstoppable, biological being that incepts us with lines like, “Can you hear me now?” and “Look, Ma, no cavities!”? 540 more words


Make a splash while dipping in the viral pool

Why some viral campaigns work, some don’t, and how to execute one for B2B

I recall a meeting at one of my former gigs where the boss wanted to investigate doing a viral video. 624 more words


The ‘REAL’ secret to viral video marketing

The Guardian’s Jessica Twentyman recently wrote an interesting piece entitled “The secret to viral video marketing” reviewing 2013′s successes in an effort to key in on how campaigns “go viral.”  The piece illustrates well how much we still have to learn in regards to optimizing for viral success. 386 more words

How to publicise a horror movie

I’ve seen 3 examples recently that all follow the same pattern.

(a) go to New York

(b) create a stunt that scares the s**t out of people… 511 more words

Viral Advertising

Evian's baby&me - Not a Bad Follow Up

It’s really hard to create a viral hit. It’s even rarer to create 2 of them

4 years ago, Evian brought out it’s Roller Babies ad, which last time I looked had over 73 million Youtube views. 327 more words