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Viral Marketing Intiative

You may have heard some stories about businesses gaining followers and popularity because of one tweet, or video, or post that went “viral”, but what exactly does that mean? 406 more words

Viral Advertising

Viral advertising is unpaid peer-to-peer communication of provocative content originating from an identified sponsor using the Internet to persuade or influence an audience to pass along the content to others.” 212 more words


Why Does Your Brand need Video Marketing

I am inspired by the way people beautifully convey the most important messages in an extremely simple video format. Creativity plays an extremely crucial part in this set up. 899 more words

B2C Marketing

Top 5 Reasons Why Video is Essential in Marketing?

Viral Marketing

Surveys say that videos which go viral increase click-through-rate by 750%. 68% of people share the video links with their friends and make them go viral. 178 more words

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Viral Marketing Iniatives

Marketing has been changing so much over the  years with the development of so many social networks and different technology. It seems like when a campaign goes viral, everyone and their mom knows about it immediately. 272 more words

Viral Marketing Initiatives

One way to market a brand and to create awareness for the brand, is the use of viral marketing. Viral marketing is similar to word of mouth, in that people spread the brand name among people. 1,011 more words

KLM "Trace the place", good example of viral marketing

Last month, KLM has developed one of the best online viral marketing campaigns, which is characterized by its ability to engage with audience, share the message and be simple, original and creative. 651 more words

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