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Video,Imagery and Viral Marketing: Essential Elements to Increase Web Traffic

The use of video and images, in the communications industry, has been around for many decades. Such concepts have been utilized as visual aid for news coverage, content creation, advertorial support and media exposure. 521 more words


Powerade: Nico's Story

I really like this Powerade World Cup ad about american one-legged footballer Nico Calabria. It’s very inspirational and and feel good and makes me want to re-evaluate every small obstacle that has ever stood in my way of achieving something. 8 more words

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Ongoing Case Study - Tower of Bodacious / How Social Media put Boston Pizza into my global brand awareness

Over the last couple of days, over my Facebook feed I began to notice that there were lot of posts pertaining to something called a ‘Pizza Cake’. 509 more words


This was a great promotion. Rock ‘n Retail ran the Kenwood Audio 32 wheel truck and followed tours to promote the sales of artist’s products. The Kenwood truck had on board, a car that was loaded with audio equipment, a surround-sound theater, a VIP lounge, a liftgate for bands to perform, and a party deck that was rigged to be able to simulcast events to radio!  37 more words

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With a networking community of over 35 million people spread across all forms of digital media, Red Bull is on the ball when it comes to viral marketing strategies and makes them one of the “most comprehensive and flexible media companies in the world today.” 476 more words

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Rock Reunion Tech Enabled

This mini-Rockumentary is a perfect example of Great Viral Marketing – interesting, involving, and it subtly promotes two products. Can you name them? It was done by my friend Joyce Chen, as was the past post… 13 more words

The power of people - Flash Mob

The inspiration behind my own Flash Mob, this video demonstrates the power of the collective, granted it is a shame that so many people pass by the opportunity to “do a good deed” but for the poor unsuspecting member of public who does her bit the reward is great. 123 more words

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