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Viral Video: The most eager UPS driver you'll ever see

Week after week a young boy saw the UPS truck deliver packages to his house. His interest in the truck and all things “UPS” grew with each visit. 120 more words

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Trailer offers sneak peak into 'Star Wars: Episode VII'

Friday morning, November 28, 2014 the trailer for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” started showing in 30 theaters across the country. Regal in Chicago was one of the 30 playing the sneak-peek tease. 41 more words

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Viral Video: How deer celebrate Christmas when you're not looking

Deer in the snow have a captivating look, but did you know they can dance too?

This hilarious video used special effects to depict someone’s idea of how deer celebrate the holidays… when you’re not looking of course.

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Viral Video: Dog's fear of doorways will have you cracking up

A pit bull with an unusual fear has found an even more unusual way to deal with the terror.

Unlike his doggy house-mate, Queso is afraid of walking through doorways, but has found the solution- walk through it backwards. 59 more words

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‘Drunk girl’ video has gone viral

A video of a ‘drunk girl’ asking for help to get home has gone viral. The video shows an annoying picture of men’s behavior towards women. 85 more words

Drunk Girl