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Viral Video: Touching ad puts new perspective on drunk driving

An anti-drunk driving ad launched by Budweiser gives customers a different reason to drink responsibly.

The ad shows the strong bond between a man and his dog. 53 more words

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Viral Video: Kids reenact your favorite TV shows

A group of kids put their own spin on the six ‘Outstanding Drama Series’ nominees for the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards.

Breaking Bad, Downtown Abbey, Game of Thrones, House of Cards, Mad Men, and True Detective were included in the kid-portrayal. 20 more words

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Viral Video: What you look like to the sun

A video is proving a powerful point by showing people what they see in the mirror, versus how the sun sees them.

Videographer Thomas Leveritt had passersby take a look at themselves through the lens of a regular camera. 92 more words

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Viral Video: 4-year-old devestated after accidentally deleting photo

When four-year-old Cadence realized she accidentally deleted her uncle’s photo, she was devastated.

With tears in her eyes she asked her Uncle Dave to send a replacement picture since the other one “went away… forever.” 10 more words

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Viral Video: Kid's first appearance on TV 'apparently' made into song

A young boy found his claim to fame from an interview at a county fair that went viral. See that interview here.

Now that interview is a song. 84 more words

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Viral Video: Grandpa cries happy tears when given this fuzzy present

A man lost his wife of 63 years after she passed away from a “short, but intense disease.”

To put a smile on grandpa’s face, a family presented him with a puppy. 34 more words

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Viral Video: Katy Perry song instantly makes baby stop fussing

The instant this baby girl heard her favorite song, her fussy attitude changed into smiles and excitement.

As soon as Dark Horse by Katy Perry started playing she began dancing and bobbing her head to the music.

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