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Measuring Innovation - Can we bottle lightning?

When it comes to innovation it is truly challenging to develop metrics and establish standards which can compare the activities of different groups and people. How do you measure something that, by definition, breaks the very mold of its inspiration? 446 more words

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What's the world's toughest job?

The latest viral marketing video is quite surprising. You might watch the first few minutes and react exactly like the people in the video. Surprised. Stunned. 143 more words


Achey Breaky Heart

Both of my kids were absolute terrors when they were little. From Matt barrelling down our street straight towards a busy intersection when he was 10 to Aubrey climbing anything and everything, they constantly made my heart stop. 1,122 more words


200 Words or Under - OTPI: 0-14 in 4 minutes!

As a child grows it is often very difficult, especially for parents, to notice the small changes that are occurring all the time, until suddenly they’re “all grown up”. 103 more words


The World's Toughest Job

As the viral story continues to gain popularity as a storytelling tool, journalists everywhere are scratching their heads trying to determine how to properly utilize it. 256 more words

A New Viral Video: Pharrell - Happy British Muslims! #HAPPYDAY

This video entitled Happy British Muslims! #HAPPYDAY has been doing its rounds on the internet in the past week and has been strangely subject to some controversy. 155 more words


Smart Pick of the Day: Stromae

I’m just gonna leave this here:

This guy should come to America to teach pop stars how to turn their music videos into social commentary that is simultaneously high-concept and… 38 more words

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