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What it's like to go viral

“Lol speak for yourself bitch. Stay classy!”

- Megan McCunt, lolnowhodoyouthink@lolno.com

Going viral is a lot like skydiving. I’ve always wanted to do it, but was never quite sure I had the balls.

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Heath & Heath: Applying Positive Content to the Classroom

In additional response to the reading, I find it interesting how engaging content can be utilized in the classroom to produce responses from students. As instructors, we are consistently asking our students to consider multiple viewpoints and ideas by presenting them with content that is meant, in some way, to engage   their interests. 264 more words

Viral Visuals

What is the point of sites like Youtube, Instagram, and Vine? What about shows like Tosh.O? Viral videos and images. We used to get our visual fix on Facebook and Youtube, but wanted more. 391 more words

Social Media

Can a Committee Design Software?

In a word, No.

So why dedicate a blog post to the subject?

While committees are renowned for seldom getting much accomplished, there are two other approaches that work. 332 more words


Fark Me: Accidentally Going Viral

In the last few years I’ve written dozens of reviews, posts, and essays. Some of them are innocuous (like this write-up on a marshmallow cookbook… 1,151 more words