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Sensitive Road Rage Video along EDSA Goes Viral

A sensitive video of a driver of Mercedes Benz (KDP 313) with his companion pointing a gun then a knife to a taxi driver (UVM 607) along EDSA shot last Friday goes viral. 186 more words


The REAL story behind the #WeStillComing photo

For the past few weeks, a text message exchange and photo between a bride and her wedding crashers has been floating around Twitter and Facebook. 140 more words


Queen of England photobombs selfie, immediately goes viral

Lots of people have been the victim of a photobomb.

But very few have been the victim of a “royal” photobomb.

Two Australian hockey players took a selfie at the Commonwealth Games in Scotland, that also captured the Queen of England in the background. 42 more words


You Won't Believe How Many Things This Guy Stuffed Up His Butt! [PIC]

This guy was going to visit a prison and thought he’d sneak some stuff in to the prisoners. He was nervous and refused to go through the metal detector and that’s when police recovered: 2 cell phones, 2 batteries, a pair of pliers, 2 drill bits, 8 small hacksaws, 5 nails and 3  SIM cards FROM HIS BUTT! 81 more words