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june 28

grade 16 fall term, 20/21 yo

yep, my new social life was so exciting and dramatic, it was both real fun with some friends, smoking weed and hanging out and joking around and wathcing movies and vidya and walking around town, and real agony when dealing with girl1. 1,005 more words

Digital, vinyl, CD or pirate?

How do you want your music? When do we want it? We want it now and we want it cheap!

After numerous years of getting ripped off by the high street music retail ‘specialists’, is buying our music better now better value in 2014? 378 more words

So... Why are you still a virgin?

When I’m asked why i’m still a virgin I’m always like: If I knew why I would have done something to change it.
Truth is I’m inexperienced in the whole romantic world, I mean I’ve kissed people… I’ve made out with two guys and I’ve been on a date with one guy (which lasted like 20min: I freaked out because he was like 10 years older than me and he talked like a child). 236 more words


A Lesson in Leadership: Richard Branson and Virgin

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about what are the characteristics of a good leader.

We all know (or should) that just because one is given a title, it doesn’t automatically mean they know how to lead. 234 more words

You Can Change It

I'm a 23yrs old virgin & i'm in need of true love (please advice)

Good morning S.M.G

Please post with ma I’d hidden…am a 23yr old young lady a virgin, really blessed out and in, I am a final year student. 229 more words


Everyone has been a virgin, some people for a longer time than others, some people are virgins for their entire lives, some choose to be it, some try to lose it but they can’t… so many stories about our virginity in this world! 209 more words


252. Virgin Trains' Tilting Ale

Even on a train back from Edinburgh I faithfully update my blog! I must admit some panic is setting in as I realise that I’ll be drinking 50 beers in Christmas week if I don’t write up a few more now! 78 more words

Two Star