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VA - 7: No endorsement

I have previously posted my views on the political bloodletting within the Republican Party of Virginia. For those who chose not to click on the link, I lamented the vitriol, lack of strategic thinking, and personalizations that I have seen from both “sides” of this battle. 381 more words

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Wasinger's Opposition To (Paying) Taxes

No one likes paying taxes. But you have to do it.

Rob Wasinger, candidate in Virginia’s 10th District, isn’t new to running for Congress. He gave it a go in 2010 in Kansas’s 1st District where he pulled 9% of the primary vote after spending $800,000 on the race. 83 more words

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Letter to the Danville Register and Bee

My sometime nemesis, Elizabeth Jones, wrote a letter to the editor criticizing all of Pittsylvania County’s representation for refusing to support compromise, specifically in the context of Medicaid expansion. 685 more words


House GOP Leaders Slam Howie Lind For Anti-Comstock Smear

House GOP leaders defend one of their own against misleading ads and rhetoric by Howie Lind directed against Del. Barbara Comstock

Yesterday, I heard a radio ad from the Howie Lind campaign to succeed retiring Rep. 743 more words

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Ed Gillespie Should Debate

Dear Editor of any Virginia Newspaper:

Ed Gillespie’s Conservative claim to fame is that he wrote the Contract for America in 1994. He was Dick Armey’s right hand man. 237 more words

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The hubbub about Kenney misses the point

I am a conservative.

I have always been a conservative. I led my high school’s pro-life group. As Spotsylvania GOP Chairman, I campaigned for (and eventually won) the county’s first property tax cut in 36 years. 374 more words

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Oh joy...another immigration flame-fest

So, new RPV Executive Director Shaun Kenney (full disclosure, close friend of mine) takes some time to sit with center-left activists on the immigration issue. Much of his talk centers around thanking them for stopping by, talking about how it’s important to talk to folks who don’t necessarily agree with them, and an observation on the debate that was miles above anything discussed on the matter since… 354 more words

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